My name’s Brandi, and I’m on a mission to share color inspiration.

My life revolves around color and art, and BGB gives me a fantastic platform to share all of the color love I’ve got. Here’s a quick list:

A long-running-and-still-popular blog series of color palettes

A newer-but-equally-awesome blog series on color theory

A fun series of color palette posts for the Art Bead Scene blog

A series of color guides exploring a single color palette

And a self-published book on color theory 

If you look back far enough, you’ll also see I started selling online as a jewelry designer. I ran a shop called Catie’s Blue for close to four years, and though I’m no longer selling my jewelry, I’m thrilled to be a contributor for the Art Bead Scene blog. I’m also excited to have one of my designs in my friend Lori Anderson’s published book, Bead Soup (total thrill!).

Beyond color discussions, you’ll find tutorialseclasses, and books ready and waiting for you here, too. So, whether you stopped by for the color palettes, to learn about color theory, or to take a mini class, I’m glad to have you!

On a personal note, when I’m not blogging or working, I’m traveling, snapping photos, or buried deep in a fantastical book. I was born in Hawaii, grew up in Texas, and spent some formative years in both LA and NYC. What this means is that I’m constantly dreaming of eating Tex-Mex on a white sandy beach while wearing a lot of black (what? It’s slimming).

Quick FAQs

What camera do you use?

I use a Canon Rebel EOS XS DSLR camera with a Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS lens (aka, my kit lens). I also use a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens, which is beyond awesome for extremely shallow depths of field (aka blurry backgrounds).

These days, though, I’ve been reaching for my iPhone 4S more, though. I like the spontaneity of using a camera phone.

How do you make your color palettes?

I make them from scratch in either Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. I’ve got basic instructions here if you want to make your own (it happens to be one of my most-read blog posts ever) and a freebie color template here if you’d rather skip the DIY part. Sorry, the texture I use isn’t included in the template download!

Can I blog one of your photos?

Sure, so long as you credit me with my name, Brandi Hussey, and a link back to the specific post that photo was in. Please don’t leave off the credit; like I said above, my palettes and photos are intensely personal to me.

Can you make a palette/banner/graphic/ebook/website for me?

At this time, I’m not accepting any large projects.

Do you accept advertising or promoted posts?

Thanks for the interest, but no I don’t.

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This is a for-profit blog, meaning there are links here to drive sales. Primarily, this revolves around my own work.

However, there are a sprinkling of affiliate links in my older posts. Though I no longer actively participate in affiliate programs and have gone through to eliminate those affiliate links, I may have missed a few here or there. I don’t recommend anything I haven’t personally used and loved, and if you prefer not to click those links, no hard feelings.

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