Pantone’s 2013 Fall Colors

Pantone released their 2013 Fall Color picks back at the beginning of February, but I’ve been sitting on this post for a couple months now. Mostly because I really loved the Spring Colors and I wanted to enjoy them for a while. And partly because I didn’t want to think about fall yet.

But because creatives work several months in advance, and some of you might already be working on (or planning) fall pieces and shows, let’s go ahead and talk about the fall colors.

Very simply put, I love them. Love them. Take a look:

pantone 2013 fall colors

Overall, they’ve got a cooler tone to them, but a few are still nice and saturated (my favorite kind of color). Compared to Fall 2012, I like these colors better. They’re more saturated and closer to colors I personally favor, where Fall 2012 seemed a little dull to me. I’m also loving pretty much every shade, versus last fall, when I didn’t immediately react to choices like Honey Gold or Rhapsody. What do you think about this year’s picks?

What I’m especially loving are the quasi-neutrals they included: Linden Green, Deep Lichen Green, Turbulence, and Carafe. I had a feeling those four colors will be so beautiful next to any and all of the other fall colors, so I starting playing with those first.

pantone 2013 fall colors - neutral groups

And I think I’m right – those neutrals/quasi-neutrals look fantastic with pretty much anything they’re paired with, which is great for color lovers like us since we can match up any other color to one of them and have it look good. Fall is usually when I start reaching for neutrals/quasi-neutrals more, so having more than one option is nice, too.

When I was playing with the swatches, I did have one surprise: I kept reaching for Vivacious a lot. I knew I’d be reaching for Samba and Koi, as those are deeper, richer versions of Poppy Red and Nectarine (which I’m a big fan of), and I love pretty much any blue, so Monaco Blue was a given. But Vivacious caught me off guard.

At first, I didn’t think I’d like it much, but the more I look at it, the more I think it’s beautiful. And it pairs really well with other colors, especially Deep Lichen Green, Turbulence, and Carafe. Those are my favorites to use with Vivacious because they really let it shine without taking anything away from it.

pantone 2013 fall colors - favorite groups

So while I obviously used Vivacious a lot, I also had fun pairing up the other colors, too (can you tell?). I can’t get enough of the blue-gray Turbulence, or the gray-greenish Deep Lichen Green. If I had to pick a favorite neutral, it’s a dark gray, so it’s fun to have two shades to play around with.

Your turn: what’s your favorite Fall 2013 color? Favorite pairing?


8 Responses to Pantone’s 2013 Fall Colors

  1. Okay – so I’m loving the Fall colors, too. VERY much. Fave’s in order are: Turbulence, Mykonos Blue, Vivacious, Samba, Carafe, Acai, Koi, Emerald and Linden Green are tied, and then Deep Lichen Green. I like these fall colors mostly because I know if I go to purchase clothing this fall, they’re colors that will actually go okay w/my skin tone. LOL! 🙂 And, I’m a gray girl – it’s one of my all time favorite colors – dark, especially. And then there’s blue – oh so pretty blue. I like ‘pinks’ when they’re deep/darker like Vivacious,…same w/reds. Oranges and purples, too. This palette is going to be a fun one to work with that’s for sure and I’m really digging on all the combos you put together – they’re fabulous!!
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    • I feel exactly the same way, Shelly! I love that all of these colors will look great on clothes. You can’t say the same thing about previous fall picks – some where just too off for even me.

  2. I normally prefer the autumn palettes to the spring palettes and this one’s no exception. I too like this one better or at least like it instantaneously in a way I didn’t do with last autumn’s report. There’s soft, earthy neutrals and vibrant, dark colours all in one. It’s warm, it’s cool. There’s a little something for everyone in a way, but they still feel harmonious together. Yes, I could see myself trying to do something will all those colours together actually.

    One interesting thing is how unisex the colours for the season are. Usually they alter some of the colours for the men’s report, but not so much this year. Just Vivacious turning into Beaujolais (which really would be nice in the women’s palette too). I like seeing how the same colours can be used in both masculine and feminine colour combos and designs. Must say I’d really like to see some men’s jewellery in that palette now.
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    • I totally agree, Maneki – last fall’s report wasn’t my favorite. I’m surprised at how quickly I took to this year’s report as I’m usually a spring girl. And yeah, Beaujolais is also lovely!

  3. Not a single one I do not like. I’m also loving Turbulence and we bought new sofa covers in this colour about 6 months ago. I’m thinking I need to go into colour forecasting. I love your Linden Green centre pairing, it’s really jumping out at me. I’m also loving the Linden Green, Acai and Turbulence together – so calm.
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