Editing with Elements Eclass

Friends, my Editing with Elements eclass, the one I’ve been working on for weeks, is done. Done! Is there a sweeter word? Today, I think not, and I am smiling so big right now.

The idea for an Elements eclass came to me last summer, and it’s been a long road from there to here. It took me several tries to actually get this class off the ground. First it was a dying laptop working against me for months, backups failing, losing all of the work I had done not just once but twice, and then a sense of total dejection. It was so complete that I wasn’t sure I would ever want to try again, much less finish; it felt like every time I tried, something bad would happen.

But halfway through February, I sat down and made finishing it a priority. I wanted to do this class because I think any artist or blogger could benefit from a little photo editing know-how. And thanks to your feedback, I got the push I needed to start and finish. And I have to say the lessons are better now than they were the first time around. Clearly things happen for a reason! Also, third time’s the charm.

So, what’s Editing with Elements about? Here’s a few details:

    • It’s a self-paced, photo editing eclass using Photoshop Elements.
    • It’s a class for absolute beginners. We’ll start with the basics and build up your knowledge of both the program and photo editing.
    • There are 20+ lessons utilizing a mix of video, photos, and text. All told, there’s about 3 hours worth of video learning.
    • Since it’s a self-paced class, all of the material is already posted on a private website.
    • You’ll have access to everything for six months. This way, you can really learn around your schedule.
    • And of course, I’ll be right there with you to answer any questions you may have.

To learn more or to register, you can visit the class site. If you’ve got a question, email me!

Thanks for being there for this journey!



16 Responses to Editing with Elements Eclass

    • Thanks, Lori, I totally appreciate that!

      As for the actions, there is a lesson on how they work, how to use them, and how to install them in the class. If you’re looking to make actions, you’ll need regular Photoshop, so that’s not covered, but there are a lot of fun edits we go over!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Brandi! I know this was a labor of love, and mainly love!! You are a natural teacher and have so much to teach all of us. Thank you for creating an eCourse for us novices. 🙂
    Cindy recently posted Thank you, swappers!My Profile

  2. Wow! Congrats on getting this finished – awesome!!

    I sooooo wish I had elements instead of CS because I really, really need this course!

    I’m posting this on my blog today as well because this is a smokin’ deal and a fantastic opportunity for everyone!
    Michelle Buettner recently posted It’s My Birthday!My Profile

    • Thank’s Shelly! And to answer your other question, there’s very little difference between 9 and 10, but if you can do it, go for 10 because the crop tool and the text tools are updated. Unless you find a good deal on 9, then go for 9.

  3. This is SUCH exciting news! And perfect timing for me – with Picnik shutting down I am just about to take the leap in to Elements (I just have to sort out a few laptop issues first, namely the fact that I haven’t updated my OS software since I bought the thing several years ago…ooops!). So, I’ll be signing up for sure! Hooray!
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  4. this class looks like it may be what I need – I use picasa now, but have looked at buying photoshop elements/premeire elements, among other programs for a bit…but am always worried I will be lost…..

    I just upgraded my point and shoot to a budget dslr and wanted to have a program with more options/control to edit the pics and work on my product photography (jewelry and fabric accessories) – does photoshop elements help to create your own graphics as well (as you can see I am a bit clueless in this area! heehee)
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