Color Palette #104 :: Thunderstorms

It’s actually not storming right now or anything – that’s a photo from last week. But it could thunderstorm any minute if it wanted to, because the weather in North Texas is temperamental and flighty and does exactly what it wants to do, thankyouverymuch. I learned pretty quickly that North Texans roll with whatever weather comes their way. In fact, they sort of expect the wackiness.

I, however, still occasionally get caught off guard.

Speaking of being caught off guard, did the end of the month just sneak up on you, too? On one hand, I’ve been pushing, pushing, pushing to get things done and completed because April’s going to be a busy month for me. On the other, I’m excited because the munchkins are coming, then I’ll be out of town myself.

I’m totally ready for vacation.

I will say that I was trying hard to do a March Color Collection for Emily’s Collecting Color project, but it’s just not going to happen that way. And I’m kind of bummed about it, but something had to give. You know what I mean?



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  1. Hi Brandi…
    Lovely photo… I adore dramatic weather — makes for great photography opportunities.
    The colour palette is proof that they don’t need to be bright and pretty to create impact. Classy swatch of colour.
    Jennie. :-)
    Jennie Louise (@SnapHappyJen) recently posted Blog Hop… Hop… Hoppin’ !!!My Profile

  2. Love the color palette. I like sunshine vs. storms, but this color palette is right up my alley! Love blues, greys, and blacks!! Great photo too, by the way.
    Michelle Buettner recently posted Fun Things,…My Profile

  3. ejorpin says:

    YES! I do know what you mean! So much has been ‘giving’ at the moment (my blog reading, for starters) and I can’t see a clear window for another four weeks, yikes! But it’s all for GOOD stuff, so it makes the letting go of the other so much easier don’t you think?

    Another stunning palette by the way – very dark and moody. I kind of want our bedroom decor to be along these lines, but with a big bright splash of yellow mixed in to!
    ejorpin recently posted Mail Art to Saylor MadeMy Profile

    • Brandi says:

      Oh man, I think everyone is universally busy right now, which is funny, because I don’t remember LAST year being like this. But on the other hand, I have slept since then, so it could have been.

      And I love dark, moody blues with a pop of yellow – awesome combination!

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