Color Palette #98 :: January Color

I know it’s not January anymore, but the lovely Emily is doing a color challenge for the year, and honestly, how could I not partake?

The challenge this time around is to photograph things around the house that are that month’s color. January’s color is yellow, and I gotta tell you, I was surprised by how much yellow I have on hand. I found a lot on gigantic paintings or pillows or large sketchbook covers, but I did manage to find a few smaller objects, too.

I’m totally not surprised that a good number of my yellows were beads…

Speaking of, I still have the best intentions to do a round of bead destashing. I’m just feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work I’d need to do to get it done (photos, pricing, listing it all somewhere, etc.), so it’s been slow going. I’m trying to fight the urge to procrastinate, though. It’s hard because I’m so good at putting things off (though I did manage to push through and make up a Freebie page yesterday! One thing crossed off the to-do list).

But maybe you can help me out – if you’re looking for beads, is there a particular kind you’d like first? Gemstones, glass, findings? Maybe if I knew that, I can start there.



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  1. Yes, I will take them all. No seriously let me know what you have. How much etc. I love getting huge lots of destash it’s like a party. Or you can list by colors. That might make it easier for you instead of individual beads.
    Shannon c recently posted Copper Component Blog Hop RevealMy Profile

    • Color lots (or just lots in general) is an awesome idea, Shannon, thank you! I was thinking of individual listings, but it might be better and easier to do it at least by color or groupings. Food for thought!!

    • I was waiting allll week so I could do a palette for it! It’s been a while since I did a straight monochromatic palette, and it was a lot of fun. Thanks for such an awesome challenge, Emily!

  2. Hi Brandi…
    I’m so glad you commented on my blog about the colour palettes, as you were the one who helped me understand ‘how to’ on photoshop elements. I also wanted to follow your blog… so thats what Ive come right back to do.
    hey i LOVE these beads and yellow is not usually a colour that I buy or stash but they look great and will start collecting more.
    Jennie. xx
    JENNIE recently posted ‘App’ ArtworkMy Profile

  3. Wow – all that yellow instantly made my mouth water as if I was looking at lemons or lemon drop candies or something – how wild. Maybe I was just drooling over the yellow beads! 😉 I think whoever suggested de-stashing by color has a great idea,….faceted stones, pearls and yummy things like that are always first in my mind!
    Michelle Buettner recently posted Sunday = Funday!My Profile

    • I think the color idea is a good way to go, too. I’ll have to dig through and see what I’ve got – in my head I don’t think it’s a lot, and some of it’s going to be kind of random, so it’ll be an adventure!

  4. Brandi, what beautiful & vibrant photos. I’ve never seen yellow look so good!
    Looks like you’ve got lots of bead lovers waiting for you big destash – I know it’s a lot of work, but looking forward to it! 🙂
    Cindy recently posted Have a sweet one!My Profile