An Artist’s Guide to Pricing

The day has come to reveal what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks! It’s not jewelry, no – it’s an ebook called An Artist’s Guide to Pricing.

I believe there’s more to pricing than just a number. In An Artist’s Guide to Pricing, I talk about how artists approach the idea of profit and money, what pricing should be, what pricing should include, what the handmade buyer really thinks and wants, a few tips about prices and sales, and a formula to get you started. Basically, An Artist’s Guide to Pricing is one part psychology, one part business, with a dash of personal experience and opinions thrown in for flavor.

If it relates in some way to the idea of pricing, I’ve covered it. My goal is to get people thinking about prices – how you view it, how you come up with it, and how it relates to the big picture you have for your business.

This ebook is for any artist or crafter selling their work online. It’s also for beginners, part-timers, even more established sellers, or people with questions about pricing their artwork. Will An Artist’s Guide to Pricing work for everyone? Probably not; “everyone” is a lot of people. But will it get you thinking and give you a place to start? I sure hope so.

The best part? It’s free. Yes, free.

Why is it free?

Trust me, the irony of having a free book about pricing isn’t lost on me. As you read it, the irony will become even more apparent since I talk about a connection between underpricing and not valuing yourself enough. The thing is, I value this information a whole heck of a lot. I would tell (and have told) all of this to a friend, if asked. If I could sit current art majors down and tell them this, I would.

And I debated it with myself for a while, but I kept coming back to a few things:

  • I believe in the message enough to give it away.
  • I don’t want cost to stop someone from learning this particular lesson.
  • I think the more artists this is available to, the better off everyone will be.
  • I would have done it as a blog post if I could have made it shorter.

I reserve the right to change my mind about price and cost down the road. But for now, I’m happy with what I did and I want you to have it, no strings attached. No hurdles to jump, no newsletters to sign up for, nothing to like or favorite or become a fan of. I’ve even attached a specific copyright to it – you can share it, use it, blog about it, print it, give it to a friend, give it to ten friends, not a problem. The only thing you can’t do is sell it or use it in a commercial venture.

If you like it, the only thing I ask is that you tell people about it, blog about it, tweet about it. Help me get the message out.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


UPDATED, June 2012:

Hey, where’d the download go? There’s a new, updated version of An Artist’s Guide to Pricing right over here. Come see. 



26 Responses to An Artist’s Guide to Pricing

  1. totally awesome friend!!! i can't wait to take a look at all your hard work. thanks for being so generous to everyone!

  2. Thank you so much for writing this and sharing it with us. This is a subject I think we all need to think about and talk about. I will be passing this on! Have a great day!

  3. How awesome are you!!!

    It frustrates me that there are so many artists out there than undervalue their work. Selling online is a challenge, because so many folks put their work out there at cost just because they're making their living elsewhere.

    I'm tweeting…and will FB… will help you out getting some publicity out there!

  4. Brandi, this is a great idea. As I've dealt with pricing and all it entails in great depth during grad school (and have developed a bit of a soapbox about it), I'm very intrigued by your book (and will definitely check it out and share it).

    Also, there is nothing wrong with giving away free content. Actually, it's a good thing because it helps you and it helps other people. It's called content marketing and it's all the rage right now. 🙂 Congrats on finishing this project!

  5. Wow! Amazing!! I have learned and read so many things aboug pricing and I still find it difficult. I'm definitely going to sit down and give your ebook a read and I'll let you know my thoughts once I finish! You're right it is way long for a blog post, hehe. Thanks so much for putting so much love into it and giving it out for freeeeee. 🙂 xoxoxoxoxo meg

  6. Very generous of you when everyone seems to be going down the path of selling e-books or getting you to subscribe to something before you can download freebies from their site!!

  7. This is going to be so helpful! I feel like I'm not pricing my work high enough still, so I'll definitely be using this to price my next collection. Thank you Brandi, you're awesome 🙂

  8. Brandi, you're the best! I can't wait to read your eBook and I just know that I will learn a bunch.

  9. Wonderful book, important information and well presented. Our main company is a portrait and wedding photography business and we see the same problems in photography with new people who just love the art and don't charge prices to support a business (in some cases they charge free!). A very wise and successful photographer told us years ago (and this can be applied to any craftsman,) "if everyone is buying your creations and no one is complaining about your prices, You're too cheap". So now when we get an occasional comment about "high" prices, we don't get discouraged, we know we are probably pricing just about "right". Now I just have to do that with my jewelry. The information on wholesale/consignment vs retail is very helpful for me right now as most of our boutiques on island are charging a minimum 65% mark up/commission with some going to 70-80%. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Awesome ebook! I just skimmed through it and I'll be back tomorrow to re-read it more throughly. I will gladly pass this link on, fantasic and vauable information you've shared. I love visiting your blog, always something interesting and helpful or wonderful to check out. Thanks.

  11. Thank you so much. I know that much of my pieces are under priced but felt that people would not buy it. But after reading only a few pags of your ebook, I know that I will finish the book for one and sit down and reevaluate my prices a lot more seriously. Thank you for putting this out their freely.

  12. You ebook sounds amazing and would really help beginners and artists out there, including me. Thanks in a million!


  13. This is probably the only thing holding me back from selling. Thankyou so much for sharing. bless you x

  14. Thank you so much for sharing. I just read the ebook, from start to finish. Took a couple notes to start with, and have them posted in my studio to keep me pondering a couple of your main points.

    I am blessed to have a local Etsy group in Seattle, where we do talk about things like pricing & how we came to the ones we set. When you know other artists/sellers in your community, it is much easier to see the way your own pricing affects the others in the group.

    Thank you again for such a concise & informative offering.


  15. A very interesting read – I guess I do a little better than I usually feel like I do on pricing, as far as what I consider when doing it, but while it works all right for jewelry, it's almost impossible to apply formulas like this to more time consuming crafts, like crocheting (which is definitely a victim of underpricing!). I know I undersell myself, especially with baby blankets, but I encounter resistance even to what I'd consider a cheap wholesale price. I think the only way I'm ever going to make a profit on my crocheting is if I start selling patterns. It makes me sad.

  16. I must have been living under a rock when you came out with this. I only recently heard of it through the ABS when Heather wrote of it. I have some friends that I will pass the link of your blog onto for them to check it out. It is something that I am passionate about as well. You are a true gem, Miss Brandi.
    Enjoy the day!

  17. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource! I know pricing is so challenging for me. You want to get paid enough to be sustainable but not so much that your are overpriced. I hope this helps me figure it out!

  18. […] I was doing an Internet search for pricing jewelry. Brandi had just put out a free ebook called An Artist’s Guide to Pricing that came up in the search. However I discovered Brandi’s blog, I’m glad that I did. Brandi […]

  19. Thanks SO much for this Brandi! And will repeat what everyone has said, this is an EXCELLENT guide and you are so very generous to give it to us!

    Will definitely be using this to help me with pricing. I am embarassed to say, so far my prices have just come out of thin air…sometimes, in a hurry, I have not even taken the COGS into account. So this is going to help discipline me!

    Thanks again!
    Kashmira Patel recently posted Flap Your Wings, Ms. Judy!My Profile

  20. Thanks so much for this book! I NEED this. I’m always told, ‘why don’t you sell that’, this book will help me figure out if selling my handmade items will be worth it. The problem I find is that buyers aren’t willing to pay the price for a handmade product. For example, I quilt, and the cost of materials and labor are more than what a customer can find at a retail store.
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