52 Weeks of Color :: Week 23

52 Weeks of Color :: Week 23 | brandigirlblog.com

I can’t even begin to tell you how accomplished I feel that I’m getting this post up closer to the beginning of the week, instead of the end. It’s the little things, people.

I’ve been busy working on things that no one can see but me. Things like official (read: legal) business stuff, the backend design of my websites, tweaks for ebooks (ohmigod, the tweaks, the endless tweaks, brought on by a perfectionist nature). I feel simultaneously accomplished that I’m making progress, and yet empty that I have no physical proof to show.

On that note, there are going to be some changes around here. I’ll be cutting off old posts, moving some over to the new site, and will (hopefully, should the WordPress design gods allow) have a more unified look to tie both sites together. I don’t have a timeline yet, because it all depends on how fast I can figure the technical stuff out (and not change my mind again, which is important to note), but it’s coming.

And if you like any of the freebies I’ve got, grab them now. They’ll be going away soon, too.

How are you doing?


52 Weeks of Color :: Week 22

52 Weeks of Color :: Week 22 | brandigirlblog.com

Hey friends, just a quick post today. I’ve shaken off my previous foggy state, which is good, but has left me with a huge to-do list. Not so much that it’s big, just that the things on them will take a while.

So, I thought I’d share a couple links from my business blog, in case you missed it:

Happy Wednesday!


52 Weeks of Color :: Week 21

52 Weeks of Color :: Week 21 | brandigirlblog.com

In the interest of full disclosure, this palette was done ahead of time, and thank God. Because my brain checked out sometime last week and has yet to check back in. There are emails to return, and comments to respond to, and other stuff to get a move on. But I just can’t.

Case in point? I turned my computer on yesterday for the first time in a week (a week, people, which is unheard of for me), and I only did it because I had to upload this palette and write a couple posts.

I was going to blame it on the holiday weekend, or the driving urge to reread an eleven book series instead of being mentally present. But then I realized it was the end of May, which my inner clock, thanks to my childhood, reads as it’s now summer vacation. So, I’m going with that. I’m blaming summer.

How are you?


52 Weeks of Color :: Week 20


52 Weeks of Color :: Week 20 | brandigirlblog.comI cannot believe how fast this year is going, can you?

I spent the last six days up in New York because my niece had her First Communion. I’m not entirely sure when that happened; she’s getting big (so is her brother), and I had several “She’s growing up too fast!” moments this weekend. I see baby pictures of her, and then I see her now, and I can’t get over it.

So, this color palette was the one I used for her party. Purple’s long been her favorite color, but she’s recently fallen in love with teal and aqua, too. Auntie Brandi approves.


52 Weeks of Color :: Week 19

52 Weeks of Color :: Week 19 | brandigirlblog.com

I’m going to beg forgiveness today, friends, because this is a short post. I’ve got a mile long to-do list to tackle today, and a very early flight tomorrow morning, so I’m just popping in to share this color palette with you real quick. Is it just me, or does it look a little Valentine’s Day?

Have a great day today!


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