Color Palette Blog Walk

Round 3 of my Color Palette Blog Walk challenge was on October 21st. This time around, participants all posted on the same day, and our theme was “The Color of Joy”. If you missed it, there’s always time to catch up with the palettes the participants created! Here’s the full list:

Francesca at Francesca Watson Designs
Lori at Pretty Things
Marsha at Marsha Neal Studio Blog
Cindy at Sweet Bead Studio
Kerry at Kab’s Concepts
Cynthia at Ornamental Style
Linda at Linda’s Bead Blog & Meanderings
Emily at Good Things*
Erin at Treasures Found
Jenni at Jenni’s Beads
Shari at Exploring the Wonders of Life
Brandi at Brandi Girl Blog


And if you’re curious, yes, I will host it again! I’m aiming for sometime after the holidays for Round 4. Stay tuned!



I’m not alone in my love for color. Last fall, I invited fellow bloggers to join with me in creating color palettes based around daily themes. It was so much fun that I brought it back again! This time around, 19 lovely bloggers are joining me.

From February 28th to March 4th, we’re all going to be blogging and creating new color palettes around things that inspire us. Each of us will have a day to post on, and we’ll be sharing our thoughts about each color palette we’ve made. If you love color, too, you can follow along with the fun below!


Full Schedule

Monday, Feb. 28th
Brandi at Brandi Girl Blog
Erin at Treasures Found
Jen at Jen Judd Rocks
Shari at Exploring the Wonders of Life

Tuesday, March 1st
Karen at Creative Thoughts and Inspirations
Julia at UlvDesign
Jessa at The ReArtingDotNet Blog
Lyn at Lyn Foley Jewelry Blog

Wednesday, March 2nd
Jescalyn at Peach Honey Love
Paige at Paige Maxim Designs
Katrina at Ma Joie Press
Jenni at Jenni’s Beads

Thursday, March 3rd
Christie at Displaced Urbanite
Rachel at TatterBeans
Brittany at The Home Ground
Cindy at Sweet Bead Studio

Friday, March 4th
Rachel at Balanced Crafts
Wren at Each Day
Kelly at Mackin Art
Kristy at Simply Shiny Blog



Links for Round 1 participants were unfortunately deleted when the linking widget I used back then cancelled my free account. I have no record of anyone who participated in the very first Blog Walk, which is sad. But I’ve learned from that, and will be hosting more in the future!