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What’s in a name?

Inspiration Adventures Summer 2013 ezine

Late last year, my buddy Jenn at Kanna Glass Studios had an idea for an ezine to inspire artists of all mediums. Each issue would center around a specific theme, and would focus on how working within that theme, or any boundary really, can actually be freeing and push us as artists.

I know that it’s been a long journey for her, but she pushed through and launched Inspiration Adventures last month. And guess what? Yours truly is a contributor for this first issue. I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

My article focuses on gathering color inspiration from theme materials, then narrowing those shades down to a select few that you can work with as you create a line or a series of work. Right up my alley, right?

Best part is the digital version of this first issue is free, and comes in both portrait and landscape for your reading preference. Click on over here to grab a copy for yourself, and to see the other lovely artist contributors.

But that’s not all. Jenn let me know last week that she needs to rename the ezine, so she’s taking the opportunity to hold a naming contest. And the prizes? Copies of my ebook, Understanding Color. If you’ve been wanting a copy for yourself, but haven’t grabbed one yet, this is an awesome chance! So, head on over to her blog for more details and to enter.


Calendars + Planners, oh my!

I’ve been a busy little B over here, putting the finishing touches on a couple of projects. In fact, considering that these two projects I’m sharing today are for next year, I’m totally ahead of the game!

2013-14 Color Wheel Calendar

The first is a Color Wheel Calendar for 2014. I know lots of people liked the one I did for 2013, so I brought it back for next year. It’s similar in design – still 5×7 inches once cut – and has 12 brand new color wheels for each month. This calendar is digital only, and comes in PDF format. For more details, including FAQs, jump over to the shop page for it.

And as a bonus, and because I’m super early with it, I’m including August through December of 2013’s calendar, too. This way, you can start using it right now!

Color-Coded Blank Planner

The next is a new product for me – a printable planner! I’ve been using this planner all year, actually, to test it out. A few tweaks here and there, and it’s ready to share.

My Color-Coded Blank Planner comes in digital PDF format, features two-page spreads, and is designed to fit into a regular-sized binder (I like adding and moving things around, how about you?). Each month has a different color assigned to it, and follows (what else?) the colors on the color wheel. There is one monthly planner/calendar and two weekly planner styles, one with a vertical layout and one with a horizontal layout, so you can choose what works for you.

And if color isn’t your thing, or if color printing is an issue, I included no-color, no-name versions of the monthly and weekly designs, too.

My Color-Coded Blank Planner is also, as you could guess by the name, blank – while the monthly names are included, there are no dates printed on it. This way, you can start whenever you like, print off only the pages you need, and use it from year to year. If you’re curious, more information is located right over here.


I had a lot of fun making both of these, so I’ll be playing around with a couple more ideas before the year ends. What are some key features you love on calendars and planners?



Color Challenge Reveal!

color challenge

Today’s the day for the Color Challenge Reveal!

When I issued this challenge, it was to celebrate the launch of my book Understanding Color. I’m excited to share that with you color lovers out there, and I’m excited the ladies below took me up on my challenge! I kept you waiting an extra day, so with no further adieu, and in no particular order, here are the entries with the color palette they worked from next to it:

vicki potter - palette 1

vicki potter - palette 2

libby heasman - palette 4

jen purple - palette 4

jen purple - palette 6

maureen chin - palette 2

erin prais-hintz - palette 1

erin prais-hintz - palette 2

erin prais-hintz - palette 3

erin prais-hintz - palette 6

sarajo wentling - palette 1

emma todd - palette 6

cindy hogan - palette 5

michelle caballero - palette 1

Aren’t these designs lovely? I’m really impressed with what the ladies did with a simple color palette! Be sure to stop by their blogs and shops, and give them a little love for all of their hard work. Here’s a quick list:

Vicki: Orion Designs Shop | Orion Designs Blog

Libby: Crimson Pear Shop | Current Observations Blog

Maureen: Maureen Chin Website

Jen: Purple Fish Studio Blog

Erin: Tesori Trovati Shop | Treasures Found Blog

Sarajo: Sj Designs Jewelry Shop | Sj Designs Jewelry Blog

Emma: A Polymer Penchant ShopA Polymer Penchant Blog

Cindy: Cindy’s Pinterest | Cindy’s Facebook

Michelle: The Cabby Crafter Blog


And now, for the winner of a print copy of Understanding Color and three palette prints, please congratulate:

color challenge winner

Congrats, Jen! I’ll be in touch with you about your prize!

And if you ran out of time to complete your entry, or your entry was lost in the technical glitch wasteland, don’t fret. Leave a comment on this post and I’ll pull a name Monday morning for a second giveaway – this time, it’ll be a digital copy of Understanding Color. 

Thanks to all the entrants who played along!



Color Challenge Update

color challenge update

Hey friends, just a quick post. I know the deadline for my color challenge has just passed, but I’ve heard of some people submitting that I don’t have entries for.

So far, I’ve got entries from Vicki P., Libby H., Maureen C., Jen P., Erin P.H., Sarajo W., and Emma T. If you submitted entries and your name isn’t on that list, would you mind trying to email me directly at I’ll be emailing you back today to confirm that I did, in fact, get them, and pushing back the deadline till midnight my time (12 hours from now) to accommodate people.

My apologies for the extra work, and if you were expecting a reveal post today (oh, technological glitches, I just love you)! That will be up tomorrow morning instead, so if you didn’t get a chance to enter, missed the deadline, or your name isn’t on that list, shoot me an email so I can get you counted.

Thank you!