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The New Palette Club

palette club in 2014

Remember when I said that changes were coming? Well, here’s the first: The Palette Club is getting totally revamped.

What’s The Palette Club? Since the last half of 2012, it was a monthly subscription of prints. TPC subscribers received three 5×5 inch photo prints of special palettes I put together just for them. My thought there was to create a physical print for people to look at and be inspired by, something to frame or keep by a desk.

As as much as I enjoyed creating those palette prints, I started to realize a few months ago that the most important thing for me was not so much the photos, but the colors in them (shocker, right?). I began jotting down and creating color swatches that were lovely, but I had no place to share them because there were no photos to go with them; they wouldn’t work for The Palette Club. Instead, I shared a few on my Facebook Page, and called it a day.

But I realized there was more that could be done.

I’ve always said that color palettes can be used as jumping off points for designs, and that you can tweak those colors to make them work for you. But other than a few tips here and there, I didn’t really pursue that, or give suggestions about color proportions. That’s going to change.

Starting today, I’m turning The Palette Club into color guides for creatives, artists, and designers.

Instead of physical prints, The Palette Club is going digital, and becoming color guides to inspire your designs. I’m ditching the photos, and focusing just on the colors.

Instead of being a subscription you sign up for a few months at a time, each issue will be available separately without a previous commitment.

And instead of three palettes each month, each 25 page issue will focus on one palette. In it, I’ll tweak that palette in eight different ways, then present eight different color proportions for each palette. I’ll also be including a little bit of info on the true hues of each color used, and any color relationships present.

I’m really excited about this new move. I expect to put out a few issues a month, and will be offering bundles every five or ten issues. I also have a couple special issues planned, the first of which will be surrounding Pantone’s Spring 2014 Colors – you’ll find out more about that next week or so (it’s going to be a massive 200+ page guide full of color goodness).

To celebrate, I’m making the first issue available for free so you can get a feel of what I’ll be doing. Grab your copy here, and let me know what you think. And if you like what you see, you can grab the next few issues either here or in my Etsy shop.



What’s in a name?

Inspiration Adventures Summer 2013 ezine

Late last year, my buddy Jenn at Kanna Glass Studios had an idea for an ezine to inspire artists of all mediums. Each issue would center around a specific theme, and would focus on how working within that theme, or any boundary really, can actually be freeing and push us as artists.

I know that it’s been a long journey for her, but she pushed through and launched Inspiration Adventures last month. And guess what? Yours truly is a contributor for this first issue. I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

My article focuses on gathering color inspiration from theme materials, then narrowing those shades down to a select few that you can work with as you create a line or a series of work. Right up my alley, right?

Best part is the digital version of this first issue is free, and comes in both portrait and landscape for your reading preference. Click on over here to grab a copy for yourself, and to see the other lovely artist contributors.

But that’s not all. Jenn let me know last week that she needs to rename the ezine, so she’s taking the opportunity to hold a naming contest. And the prizes? Copies of my ebook, Understanding Color. If you’ve been wanting a copy for yourself, but haven’t grabbed one yet, this is an awesome chance! So, head on over to her blog for more details and to enter.


A little Monday morning update

I can’t believe it’s July already. I mean, I can, I’ve been here for the months that came before, but it’s amazing how fast this year has zoomed by, hasn’t it?

Anyway, I’m checking in with you today to share a couple bits of news.

The first is that I worked through this weekend and completed two new mini classes! I tried to wait a little longer to announce it, but I just couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Using the Adobe Kuler App

The first mini class is totally, 100% free, and covers a new iPhone app that I found recently, the Adobe Kuler App. Why do I love it so? It lets me make color palettes on the fly! Who wouldn’t like that? So, my Using the Adobe Kuler App Mini Class is a quick overview of how the app works.

Apologies in advance to Android users, as it’s not available on that platform (yet, though I’m hoping it might be released in the future). But if you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, and are interested in learning more about the Adobe Kuler App, click right on over here.


Photo Layouts For Bloggers - example 1

The second mini class is called Photo Layouts for Bloggers, and is something that I’ve been working on for a little while now. In it, I walk you through making your own photo mosaics and layouts for your blog. More details are found here, but the highlights include approximately 70 minutes worth of video instruction, a 17-page downloadable PDF, unlimited access, and a bundle of 18 pre-made layout templates to get you started!

Regular price is $30, but use discount code Photo713 to take $10 off. That code is good now through the end of July (it expires at midnight August 1st Central Standard Time), and the class is self-paced, so you can start whenever it works best for you.


color challenge

The last bit of news is just a reminder that my Color Challenge deadline is coming up on July 10th! I haven’t gotten a whole lot of entries, so I hope people are still working. You can find details and enter here, and everyone who enters gets a chance at winning a prize pack.

As for that prize, originally it was going to include a digital copy of my book Understanding Color, but I’m swapping that out for a printed copy. So, now, you’re entering to win a beautiful printed copy of Understanding Color and 3 palette prints! And yes, I’ll ship internationally, so don’t let that hold you back from playing along! Tell your friends.

As for ideas of what you can make, how about a necklace, a pair of earrings, a small-scale painting or collage, an embroidered hanging piece, or a digital project like social media icons? Maybe a scrapbooking layout, or a blog banner, or, I don’t know, a cake. I purposely kept this wide-open because y’all are a creative bunch, so there’s no limits on how you choose to use the color palettes.

Hope this gives you some ideas! Happy Monday!


It’s Launch Day!

Fair warning, this is a lengthy post. If you want to just get to ordering, choose your version! The buttons below will take you to the buy pages.

printed book buy button   digital ebook buy button

If you’re ready for more, read on.



Understanding Color - Color Theory Made Easy - Brandi Hussey

It’s Launch Day for my book, Understanding Color! (I’m so excited, I had to use capital letters – Launch. Day. Yep, looks good.)

What started as a kind of crazy idea a couple months ago is now here in ready-to-order form. Here. Done. Visible. And it feels so good, let me tell you.

But I realized that this book was a long time coming. The roots go back further than a couple months, all the way back to the very first color theory lecture I ever had.

understanding color 1

It was sophomore year in college. I spent the year before as a film major, slowly going a little crazy because I found out very quickly that film was not my thing. And I had seven more semesters of this? No. Thank. You. So spring semester, and without ever taking a college-level art course, I walked into the Registrar’s office and switched my major to Fine Arts.

It was my first taste of bliss.

I was eager to jump right to the classes I wanted to take (painting), except I was foiled by the prerequisites thing. So, almost exactly one year after I switched majors, I was finally in the painting class I wanted to be in. And it was color theory lecture day! I was so excited, I couldn’t stop grinning.

An hour and a half later, the lecture ended, and I was in danger of falling asleep.

How did that happen? I loved color, that’s the whole reason I was in painting to begin with. Why wasn’t I into color theory? I can’t explain the utter disappointment at this turn of events. This was not what I was expecting to happen. Where were the mysteries revealed, the secrets told? Where was the fun of working with color?

It took me until this year to figure out why it wasn’t working for me (which is an embarrassingly long amount of time to clue in, but I was busy with Life in between, you know?). Here’s what I realized: Traditional color theory is boring.

understanding color 2

Yeah, I said it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t or don’t appreciate all of the hard work color theorists and scientists did up to this point in history – I do. Absolutely. Without all of that hard work, I wouldn’t be here doing what I do. But traditional color theory needs a face lift and a new approach, stat.

Enter Understanding Color: Color Theory Made Easy.

What bugged me then and bugs me now is that while the principles aren’t complicated, the language is. My answer to that problem is simple: I use easy-to-understand language to break down and explain said color theory principles.

Ever struggled to learn color theory, either because you had to or wanted to? I feel you, seriously. I had a hard time parsing through the verbiage myself in a classroom setting, so I can only imagine how much harder it is for someone learning on their own.

The traditional texts don’t make it easy… but I do. Here’s what some early readers have to say:

“This is the best color book for digital painters that I have ever seen.”

“WOW! You’ve done an AMAZING job. Seriously.”

“I love color…and how you write about and picture it.”

“After a quick page through, it’s beautiful! This is fantastic.”

“Just wanted to say how much I love your book and how easy it is to read. This is going to be a fantastic resource.”

And that’s coming from artists of all disciplines – jewelry designers, painters, and knitters, to name a few – and of all skill levels – students and established artists.

I’ve taken my color theory posts and reworked, refined, and expanded them. Then I added in new material, new graphics, a few blank templates and guides, and viola! We’ve got a new approach to learning color theory.

Understanding Color clocks in at 84 pages long, and comes in two versions: a digital ebook available as an instant download, and a professionally done, full color print book. You can grab the digital ebook on this page (FAQs are there, too), while the print book is available in my storefront.

printed book buy button   digital ebook buy button

I’m so excited to share it with you!


Before I wrap this post up, let me just say Thank You (that deserves capital letters, too). Thank You for the support and the encouragement along the way. Thanks for asking color questions, questions that lead me here. And thanks as always for reading!


I’m issuing a Color Challenge – you in?

color challenge

With my book Understanding Color set to launch two Mondays from now, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to celebrate. So, I’m issuing a color challenge!

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is this: grab a color palette below, make a piece of art using those colors as inspiration, then enter to win a prize pack.

Once you’ve made your piece, take a photo of it, then fill out this form to submit your entry. You have until 12pm Central Standard Time on Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 to enter. That gives you five weeks to make your art!

Work in any medium you like – jewelry, fabrics, patterns, digital designs, collages, paintings – the choice is yours. And if you want to make multiple designs? Go for it. Just fill out the form for each creation you make.

This challenge giveaway is open to any artist worldwide. The prize pack will include a digital copy of Understanding Color and 3 palette prints for you to enjoy. And yes, I’ll ship the prints internationally!

So, without further adieu, here are the palettes:

color challenge palette 1 color challenge palette 2 color challenge palette 3 color challenge palette 4 color challenge palette 5 color challenge palette 6If you’d like to blog about your entry, please feel free! Once all entries are in, I’ll share what people have submitted here, too, then randomly pull a winner from that entry pool.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Happy coloring!