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52 Weeks of Color :: Week 42

52 Weeks of Color :: Week 42 |

Seeing “Week 42″ gave me a shock today. Week 42 means we’re 10 weeks from the end of the year… which doesn’t seem possible, does it? Where did 2014 go, exactly?

As for the palette, I’ve got Italy on the brain, and these colors? Inspired by a photo of gelato. You’re welcome.


52 Weeks of Color :: Week 41

52 Weeks of Color :: Week 41 |

I know this is more of a “summer” palette than a “fall” one, but I can’t help myself. I love this time of year, when the weather gets cooler. It also doesn’t hurt that I had a birthday this week, so I figured why not put together my favorite colors to celebrate?

How are you doing?


52 Weeks of Color :: Week 38

52 Weeks of Color :: Week 38 |

Today is the vernal equinox, the official first day of fall. While I’m definitely a fan of summer, it’s nice when the blistering heat eases off, isn’t it? So, I figured why not mark the occasion with a bye-summer-hi-fall kind of palette.

This works as a transition color scheme because of how dark that teal is. It grounds the other lighter colors, which definitely feels more summer-y on their own. It also helps that the yellow is sliding closer to a mustard (or a yellow-green), which is a color you’ll see a lot of in the fall, versus a brighter yellow-orange.

So, if you’re looking to transition your own summer color schemes, add in darker or bolder shades if the other colors are on the softer side.

Happy fall!