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52 Weeks of Color :: Week 30

52 Weeks of Color :: Week 30 |

Susannah Conway’s hosting her August Break again this year. I might play along on Instagram instead of here on the blog, like I did before. But the next few weeks are going to be filled with tackling (and hopefully finishing) new projects and traveling, so I’m trying not to over-commit to anything. It’s the last month of summer, so I’m going to take advantage!

What are you doing with your August?


52 Weeks of Color :: Week 28

52 Weeks of Color :: Week 28 |

I think this might be my favorite palette of the year. I don’t know, it’s hard to pick. But I’m digging the bright colors right now (which are a riff on red/yellow/blue, if you were curious).

Unrelated quick question: If you were going to take an eclass, what would you take? What do you need to know right now? Photo editing? Designing an ebook? Blogging? Something else entirely?


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