The New Palette Club

palette club in 2014

Remember when I said that changes were coming? Well, here’s the first: The Palette Club is getting totally revamped.

What’s The Palette Club? Since the last half of 2012, it was a monthly subscription of prints. TPC subscribers received three 5×5 inch photo prints of special palettes I put together just for them. My thought there was to create a physical print for people to look at and be inspired by, something to frame or keep by a desk.

As as much as I enjoyed creating those palette prints, I started to realize a few months ago that the most important thing for me was not so much the photos, but the colors in them (shocker, right?). I began jotting down and creating color swatches that were lovely, but I had no place to share them because there were no photos to go with them; they wouldn’t work for The Palette Club. Instead, I shared a few on my Facebook Page, and called it a day.

But I realized there was more that could be done.

I’ve always said that color palettes can be used as jumping off points for designs, and that you can tweak those colors to make them work for you. But other than a few tips here and there, I didn’t really pursue that, or give suggestions about color proportions. That’s going to change.

Starting today, I’m turning The Palette Club into color guides for creatives, artists, and designers.

Instead of physical prints, The Palette Club is going digital, and becoming color guides to inspire your designs. I’m ditching the photos, and focusing just on the colors.

Instead of being a subscription you sign up for a few months at a time, each issue will be available separately without a previous commitment.

And instead of three palettes each month, each 25 page issue will focus on one palette. In it, I’ll tweak that palette in eight different ways, then present eight different color proportions for each palette. I’ll also be including a little bit of info on the true hues of each color used, and any color relationships present.

I’m really excited about this new move. I expect to put out a few issues a month, and will be offering bundles every five or ten issues. I also have a couple special issues planned, the first of which will be surrounding Pantone’s Spring 2014 Colors – you’ll find out more about that next week or so (it’s going to be a massive 200+ page guide full of color goodness).

To celebrate, I’m making the first issue available for free so you can get a feel of what I’ll be doing. Grab your copy here, and let me know what you think. And if you like what you see, you can grab the next few issues either here or in my Etsy shop.



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  1. EXCELLENT stuff. What I found was useful too was to view this at small scale with 10 pages on my screen at a time, so I could quickly compare a whole bunch of the variations all at once. Comparing them like this made it fantastically easy to see at a glance how each change affected the mood of the palette. Well done!
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