Color Palette #177 :: Halloween Pumpkins

halloween pumpkins palette

Hey friends, how are you? Happy Halloween!

It’s been a long, crazy, busy six weeks for me. The good news is that the surgeries I mentioned over a month ago went perfectly, and physical therapy is well underway. Health-wise, everyone’s good, which is fantastic. I had a quiet, friend-filled birthday. And the wedding I was in also went off perfectly, with the bride as gorgeous as she should be and the reception a truly fabulous party (the food was divine – I’ll be dreaming of that risotto for years).

The not-so-good news is that I’m exhausted. As you can tell, I still haven’t made my way back to my digital life, at least not fully. I’m taking that part a little easy, because I need to. I’m also bummed that I haven’t the energy to dress up and make plans for my favorite holiday, but it is what it is.

I will say that I’ve had time to think a bit about some things over the last few weeks. Mostly, what my goals are here and what I’m hoping to do in the future. The things that don’t mesh will get a nice retirement, and leave space for new things.

One thing that will definitely be retired is my An Artist’s Guide to Pricing ebook. If you’ve had your eye on it, grab it now. It’ll be unavailableĀ at the end of November 2013.

With thousands of downloads since I launched (and then revised) it, I hope that it’s helped artists price their work. But like all good things, it’s time to let it go.

More changes will be happening, and I’ll share those when I have those details finalized. Until then, how have you been?


5 Responses to Color Palette #177 :: Halloween Pumpkins

  1. Gorgeous photography, as usual! Glad you are feeling better! Thanks for sharing your book and the link again. I headed straight-away and downloaded this. If I had the prior version, it was on my older computer before it died, so I’m thrilled to have this saved! Best wishes to you, Brandi, in whatever new endeavors you pursue! It’s always inspiring to watch you re-create yourself! –Sharyl of Sharyl’s Jewelry

  2. I’m happy you’re back and everyone’s okay. Surgery is always scary but TWO? Can’t imagine.. But then add those other things and I can’t imagine a condition other than exhausted! Take care of yourself and rest a lot! xoxoxo