A personal update

I don’t usually get too personal on here; that’s by design and choice. Some people can easily and readily share every detail of their lives, and that’s awesome, but that’s something my introvert personality shies away from. Still, I’m going to break through that wall a little today to explain that I’m about to be pretty absent around here for the next few weeks.

Right now, I’m waiting at the hospital for a family member to finish the first of two knee replacement surgeries. It’s an elective thing, we’ve known about it for a while, and we all feel confident about the outcome(s). Today’s the first surgery, the second’s on Friday.

Once released from the hospital, I’ll be helping out with the recovery. That’s exactly what I want to be doing, and I’m grateful I have the kind of job that allows for that. But that also means I won’t be around here too often because I’m focused on my family.

So, bear with me, friends, for the next month plus. I’ll be back when I can, okay?


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  1. I’ve had both knees replaced. Did it last year – love them. As the recovery is progressing the best advice I got was to make sure you stand straight and keep moving….recovery actually goes pretty quick. Best of luck. It took a whole year to be totally confident (not recover – that part was faster than I thought) but they don’t hurt and work GREAT.

  2. My brother did that last year — both at once. Wow! Brave people. I’m so glad you’re there to help. I’m sure that family member is too. We’ll miss you but also be happy that you’re such a loving & caring helper. That rules!!! xoxoxo

  3. Praying for you and your family, Brandi – my husband had knee replacement a few years ago – only one but it was still a long recovery. You’re in the right place doing the right thing – we’ll see you when you get back! <3
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  4. I think that’s great you can do that Brandi. My mom is recovering from her first elective knee surgery and will get her other knee replaced at the beginning of 2014. I’m glad that if she needed me, I could easily go down and help.

    Wishing your family member much success recovering.
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  5. Best of luck to your family member. It is fortunate you are in a position to provide care and be there for your loved one. It is also understandable why you prefer not to share more about your personal life but we do appreciate the update so we know why you won’t be around the blogisphere.
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