Understanding Color

Understanding Color

I promised to share big news this week, and this is it – my color theory book is finished! And, probably more importantly, there’s a launch date: June 17th. So, mark your calendars; in two weeks from today you’ll be able to order it through Blurb.com.

Here’s a few details to whet your whistle:

My book is called Understanding Color: Color Theory Made Easy. It clocks in at 84 magazine-sized pages, filled from front to back with all of the basics of color theory presented in easy to understand language and colorful graphics. Some will feel familiar, especially if you’ve been following my color theory posts, and some is brand new. I’ve expanded and refined, and there will be a digital version as well as a printed version available on June 17th.

Mailing list subscribers, you should have gotten an email last Friday from me regarding Understanding Color. Didn’t get it? Check your spam folders. Not signed up? You can sign up here and I’ll shoot you that email later today or tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

14 Responses to Understanding Color

  1. Brandi… Thanks to you I will never look at a color wheel the same way again! LOL Which is not a surprise to me, because you have a unique talent of explaining things you are passionate about. (i.e. I took your Photo Shop Elements class last year). And color is right up your alley.

    I have read only 19 pages and so far I finally get the color wheel! Sad to say it since I create color combinations for my craft. But then again… that’s how I found your website.

    Excellent reading Brandi (I don’t want to say to much… and this is not a paid announcement) LOL Thanks Brandi… great job!
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  2. Congrats on your book, Brandi!!! I’m sorry I missed the news – I did not see the newsletter. I’ll have to check my Spam folder. :-(. I know the content in your book will be amazing. What a great resource for any artist/designer!! Will order a copy!

  3. Bradi, I want a copy of your book but I can´t find it online. Where can I buy a copy of it?
    Thank you!
    Vicky, from Argentina.