Color Palette #154 :: Spring Trees

spring trees palette

We had a cold front come through this week that made me a little miserable. Warm weather lover that I am, it felt weird to be in April and still be shivering. Today’s warming up quite nicely, though, the leaves are growing, and I’m loving all the green that’s popping up in the neighborhood.

I’ve also been thinking heavily about what comes next for me. I’ve got some ideas, but somewhere along the line, I lost a bit of nerve to try them out. I feel nervous and unsure, and it’s wildly uncomfortable. Being self-employed means there’s a certain amount of uncertainty you have to live with; this new fear is something over and beyond that, and I’m struggling a bit over here.

The least frightening idea is to do a self-published, printed color theory book. My thinking is that it’d be an artist’s resource, and having it printed means you can flip through when you need it, versus scrolling down on your computer. It’d also be nice to beef up the color swatches and scales in a way that I didn’t (or couldn’t) do in my color theory posts, and expand on the ideas a little more. Having it printed also comes with the benefit of being able to compare what you’re working on to the swatches, since monitor calibrations vary so much.

That’s just the gist, but what do you think? Good idea or crazy one?



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  1. Um SO not crazy! Very good idea indeed! I already want a copy…

    Love this palette too, so light and bright. Like you we are still sort of waiting for Spring to arrive. We had two warm days last week but today it’s back down to 8 degrees (celsius!) and it’s raining and grey. We are very ready for a little burst of Spring sunshine and greenery!
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    • Thanks, Emily!

      And yeah, spring is slow to get here this year, but I’m trying to be optimistic – if spring’s late or mild, maybe the burning heat of summer won’t be too bad? Let’s see how my positive thinking works.

  2. I’ve loved every one of your color theory posts – I truly learn a lot and I thought I knew one or two things about color, my mother being a watercolor artist I grew up with these things all around me. Your posts are always so well designed, with really clear graphics to explain the concepts. Given the quality and beauty of the information you’re freely giving out, everyone would know the book version would be worth its weight in gold.

    I don’t know the economics of these things (self-published e-book might well be more lucrative than going with a publisher) but I could see them being part of a very beautiful and useful paper book as well. Maybe provide a printing option, setting it up as a e-version option and another Blurb (or some other company) self-published book? I spend enough time on my computer as it is … I’d like to have a printed book alongside me while I design (and personally I don’t have a color printer …)

    • Thank you so much, Michelle, for your support!

      Right now, I’m seeing it more as a self-published paper book. It’d be a little easier to do it just as an ebook, but I think with this topic, it’d be better in print. I think giving people something to hold and flip through, especially with a resource type of book, it’s a smarter move.

      And by going the self-publish route, I get full control over everything, which is awesome.

      It’s funny you mentioned Blurb, because I’m not only familiar with it, but looking at it for this project. I’m not crazy about the ebook option being only for iPad, but I think more people will want a physical book, so maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

  3. I’m sorry you’re struggling, Brandi. It’s hard being self-employed. I like your idea a lot. Go for it! Especially if it’s the less stressful option. So do it!

  4. Keeping in mind that I am the friend that will tell you if an idea sucks, this is not one of those times. This is a brilliant idea. You have such a great way of explaining things and such good practical examples and from what I can tell with researching colour books, there’s nothing really like that out there. A lot of design books throw in a chapter on colour that is neither helpful nor practical (from my experience). I also think its a subject matter that warrants a paper book and I can see it as something that I would refer to often. I don’t know what it means to self publish and I look forward to seeing this come to life.
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    • Libby, you’re so awesome, you know that, right?

      Thanks for the feedback – I haven’t found anything that explains color theory simply, either, but there’s always a chance I’ve missed something. And I agree, those single chapters in other theory books is just flat out not helpful.

  5. Beautiful and soothing palette – your book would be a hit, people are always looking for something to inspire and to have a gorgeous tome at their fingertips would be fabulous!

  6. I think it would be great. I just posted this to facebook for any of my artist friends who might also think it’s a fabulous idea.

  7. a good idea brandi! you are very good at clour theory believe me I’ve been at art school and
    it certainly left me wanting more knowledge in a more interesting format … ofcourse I am talking about the 90’s!
    anyway I love the information you share with us it certainly helps this painting girl with her brushes too!
    thankyou m:)