Challenge of Color Reveal!

It’s reveal day for the Challenge of Color blog hop!

If you missed the announcement, the Challenge of Color is the brain child of Miss Erin of Treasures Found. She does several themed blog hops throughout the year, and for this Challenge of Color hop, Erin invited me to co-host with her. Like I told her in that initial email, she had me at “color.”

This time around, Erin chose fabulous satellite photos from the United States Geological Service as the inspiration for the blog hop. I pulled 40 favorites and made color palettes from them, and Erin then matched two palettes to every participant based off their color choice. The challenge here was to use one (or both) of the palettes as a jumping off point for a jewelry piece.

I could have just made the palettes, but I wanted to play along. It’s been so long since I made any jewelry, and I couldn’t resist this color challenge, so I asked Erin if I could participate, too. Here are the two palettes I was working with:

In my head, I saw this as a good creative challenge for myself, and it was. But I feel an extra sense of accomplishment here because it felt like any challenge I could have had, I did.

For example, none of my original ideas panned out. Not a single one. This was probably due to me deciding to work with materials I never worked with before – polymer clay, a resin-like material, and fiber. Giving myself only a few weeks to master all of these was probably not a smart move on my part. I chose those because I wanted a particular texture, and while I tried not to underestimate the timing and work small with pendants, late Wednesday night I had to concede defeat and move on to Plan G, just so I could have something to share today!

Even though I was struggling a bit, I was still learning a lot. For example, this was the first pendant I attempted, and I knew pretty much right away it was going to turn into a hot mess (trust me when I say that it looks better here than in person).

My idea for this pendant was to do a little mosaic, with a kind of ombre effect going at a diagonal. So, I very carefully arranged all of the beads into the frame, affixing it with my resin-like material as I went. I think it would have been okay, except I decided I wanted a kind of dome effect for this pendant, with the stones captured inside… and then things went awry. It’s too bad, too, since those blue iolites and yellow honey jade were a perfect match to my palette.

Instead, I switched gears and created a pretty pair of earrings. What I love best about these is that it still captures the colors of my first palette well – that’s what first caught my eye. And I still ended up challenging myself by working with some little felt beads and embroidery floss, two things I’d never tried in jewelry before, so I feel a sense of relief that it came together. I paired the cream felt beads and golden yellow embroidery floss with little bead caps I domed, then added in sparkly blue goldstone (they look darker here for some reason), creamy pearls, and oxidized silver to finish it.

For my second palette, I originally wanted to capture a piece of it in my pendant. I wanted to use some polymer clay and carve out a little mini relief of it inside the frame, then paint it to match. I did manage to work with the clay well enough to get it carved, but after layers and layers of painting, I had to concede it was not anywhere near to what I was hoping. And no, there aren’t any photos of that particular oops.

But taking what I learned from both pendant attempts, I was bound and determined to get this one done. I moved much more carefully this time, and carried over the stripe-y effect I wanted from my first attempt. I’m relatively pleased with the look and the texture, though I wish I had had time to find more colors that closer matched the original palette. I used labradorite for the gray, garnets for the brown (since it looked a touch red to me, and in person, they aren’t quite so red), amethyst for the purple, and tiny peridots for the green.

Overall, I’m fairly happy with how these pieces turned out! There are places to improve, but it was exciting to try something different. And I have to say to all of the artists out there who make working with polymer clay and resin look easy, you have my undying respect. There is some serious skill involved in these two mediums, and though I struggled with them, I had a lot of fun experimenting, too.



And thank you for stopping by! From start to finish, I really enjoyed co-hosting this blog hop with the lovely Miss Erin! I hoped you enjoyed your stop here, and to celebrate, I’m giving away a set of December’s Palette Club prints OR a digital copy of my 2013 Color Wheel Calendar to one lucky person! Winner’s choice on their prize.

Entering is as simple as leaving a comment. Make sure you fill out your email address so I have a way to contact you directly. If you share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, be sure to leave another comment with a link. Giveaway is open until 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012. And international, non-US folks are welcome to enter!


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Have a wonderful day!

P.S. I’m slowly working my way through all of the blog participants. If I haven’t stopped by, don’t worry, I will!


63 Responses to Challenge of Color Reveal!

  1. Wow – even your “oops” pieces look great! The earrings with the embroidery floss and felt beads are terrific. I’ve really enjoyed participating in this challenge and am amazed at the satellite pics and the fabulous palettes you pulled from them.
    Joan Williams recently posted Challenge of Color reveal!My Profile

  2. Love the contrast of the soft fiber and hard stone of the earrings. Those are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your experiences. That is what challenges are for, right. I think the pendant with the stones is so interesting, like striations in a rock.

  3. Thanx for your wonderful color palettes for all of us to use. I have also learned a lot reading your blog. The felt beads wrapped in floss are ingenious. I am glad to hear that I wasn’t the only one who struggled. I spent 4 frustrating days and I don’t know how many tries on my stitched clasp before I was happy with it. I like both of your pieces. I hadn’t thought of putting beads in resin.

  4. Brandi! I have to say first, you created the most amazing palettes to work with! This was such a joy to take part in.

    And I love what you did with yours. You are so creative. I also applaud you for trying something new, the results are wonderful!

    thank you, again!

  5. Love this blog challenge. The color palettes with the photos will give so many of us inspiration for a long time to come. I can tell that I am going to take a few days to make my way through all the posts and savor each one. Thanks for sharing your (mis)adventures in trying something new, that I will take as an encouragement!

    Lynda recently posted Charming ChainsMy Profile

  6. Thank you so much for creating the color palettes!!! I could not have comoleted my challenge without you! I applaud you for stepping outside your comfort zone!! I think your pieces perfectly match the inspiration! Beautiful job!
    Patti Vanderbloemen recently posted The Challenge of Color Blog Hop!My Profile

  7. I really love that you stepped away from what you knew and tried something different. Thank you for posting the mistakes a long with the final product. (Love! the earrings.)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for putting these wonderful palettes together! This is the first time I’ve participated in a blog hop. You and Erin made it a very enjoyable one.
    Michelle Tucker recently posted Earth as ArtMy Profile

  8. Brandi, first of all thank you for creating all this wonderful palettes. You understands colors in a special way, and I always learn something from your work.

    Second, I have to say that you are really a quick learner! Wow, that pendant is gorgeous. I am impressed and speechless. And what about your felt beads? You are a true artist, Brandi!


  9. The palettes you created are stunning, so thank you for that! I really admire you attempting to work with new mediums, while doing this challenge. You are very brave! And while you weren’t happy with all the results, what you’ve shown us here looks wonderful. Great job!

  10. First, let me say that you did an OUTSTANDING job with all those pallettes! Unbelievable! Thank you so much. I do like your ooopses, LOL. I know that working with resin at any level can lead to all kinds of messes. Love those earrings! And that bottom piece just fascinates me.
    Lee recently posted Challenge of Color Blog HopMy Profile

  11. Brandi, I would love to see the first bezel! It looks very interesting! I love the last one of course…have never thought of making them with small stones. The color palettes are so amazing and thank you so much for your hard work. I never knew earth could inspire us so much!

  12. Miss Brandi, I am so delighted that you chose to walk with me on this color full journey. There is no one I would rather have by my side! I am really sort of blown away. I completely expected you to pull out some lampwork glass in those gorgeous swirling colors you love so well. I am so tickled that you pushed your own boundaries and tried something new! That in itself is a victory. I love what you did with the pendants. That sort of layering is really cool. I think I will have to try that. Don’t give up on the resin. You can always do another layer. You should check out the Resin Crafts blog if you want to see awesome step by steps from Miss Carmi. She is a whiz! And the polymer clay… I only know enough to be dangerous (I know! And I work in it every day!) but it is amazing stuff. Not just for crafts. No siree. I can give you some pointers on how to finish the clay you have started. I bet you can transform it into what you envision!

    Thank you again. For taking up the color banner with me. For being my partner in crime. For getting all fired up about making us these gorgeous palettes to work with (we truly couldn’t do any of this without you!). And most of all for being my friend. That makes me the most happy.

    Enjoy the day! Erin
    Erin Prais-Hintz recently posted Color-full World! Welcome to the 3rd Annual Challenge of ColorMy Profile

  13. I had so much fun visiting your Pinterest pages. . .didn’t see it all, yet, but was so delighted with your color love and doors, too.

  14. If only my “oops” attempts turned out so well…I love that you chose to work with unfamiliar materials and explore the colors that way — and the pieces you made are lovely. The pendant for the Brandberg Massif is gorgeous, and the texture of the gemstones in the resin really captures the undulations of the inspiration.

    And thank you, thank you, thank you for creating these FABULOUS palettes so that we could all play!

  15. I love both of your pendants (and that first one looks great to me). I love how you captured the colors with gemstones and the color gradations in the second are wonderful. Your earrings are fabulous as well!

    Thank you so much for creating all of our palettes. I had a blast with this challenge and *loved* both of my palettes (and pretty much all the others I have seen so far).

  16. Thank you so much for doing the palettes for all of us, I loved doing this challenge. I really love those felt beads with the embroidery floss, I would never have thought of that. I also liked the way your 2nd pendant turned out. It’s so frustrating when you are rushing to learn something new to be able to make the picture in your head and your deadline doesn’t cooperate!!
    Kim recently posted 3rd Annual Challenge of ColorMy Profile

  17. I love the earrings! And thank you for doing all of the work for this Color Challenge, it was a lot of fun and the color palettes are gorgeous!!

    Thanks again, Cheri

  18. Thank you so much for hosting the challenge with Erin, you have introduced me to a new world of colours and palettes! I love your designs – we tend to be our harshest critics and the best thing about art is it is never perfect – however in this case I think you got there!

  19. Oh Brandi…LOVED all your palettes – they are all so very inspirational and I know must have taken so much time to lovingly create <3 – I want to get copies of ALL your interpretations because it would be nice to have a design-a-day with those as color inspiration (I LOVE COLOR!) lol 🙂 – I loved hearing your story about the OOPS – but it is so amazing how even our OOPS turn into something fantastic – or give us the energy to keep moving forward and trying. Your first oops still looks pretty contemporary and cool…I don't think I would mind designing with it – and your second oops is SO beautiful with the colors and striping effect. Lastly – your earrings are so creative, organic and lovely – the length and colors are simply perfect!

    Thank you once again for your part of this awesome Blog Hop and Challenge of Color <3

  20. Brandi, your color palettes are wonderful! What makes them so exciting is your inclusion of neutrals. As a tapestry weaver, I’m not used to seeing that, but it’s certainly worth thinking about. Many thanks!

  21. Brandi, your palettes were so much fun to work with! I’m really looking forward to seeing them all as I hop through the rest of the blogs!
    I love the second pendant, the mosaic look is really effective and I’m glad it worked out for you. And the earrings are really sweet.

  22. Oh Brandi, so beautiful!! You know the hardest part – I think – of being a creative type is getting what’s in front of you to match what you have planned in your head. Or at the least, see that what’s in front of you can be beautiful in it’s own right. The only solution I’ve seen for the latter is a bit of time and space. That doesn’t really work in a challenge time frame but I tell ya I have shoeboxes full of not-quites that will someday see the light again and go to that next step. Frankly though, I’d wear any of those in a heartbeat! My muse thanks you too for all these palettes that will be fuel for so long to come
    Emma Todd recently posted Challenge of Colour revealMy Profile

  23. i’m so totally in love with your palettes! this was my first time (in the hop) using a palette for inspiration, and i’m absolutely in love! your pieces are *wonderful.* especially like the pendant.

  24. Brandi I love what you’ve created, those pendents look so interesting, your pallets are gorgeous too.
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my post, and thank you for creating the gorgeous pallets, you make inspiration so easy x

  25. Brandi, I love how you took a chance and stepped out of your comfort zone to work with products that you normally don’t use, I think your hot mess of a pendant, from the side looks pretty good! The earrings are wonderful! I love the how you accented the felt with the floss, matches the color palette beautifully! I do love the last pendant and hope you keep playing around with this technique, I think it can lead to beautiful color inspiration components!
    Thank you for joining Erin and picking such lovely palettes for this hop. They were so inspiring.
    Sally Russick recently posted Challenge of Color!My Profile

  26. I love that you tried something new even if it didn’t pan out, and I hope something will come of all the ‘fails’ at a later point. The stripes of different stones in the pendant are particularly striking!

  27. Brandi, I LOVE that you experimented and shared your whoopsies with us. It’s a fact we all have them and you really allowed us into your creative process. I loved the way you put the color palettes together and how Erin spread the colorful love around.

    I’ve been a fan of your blog for a while now and always feel inspired by your ability to mix & match colors in a way I never would have tried.

    Have a magical weekend!
    Dawn Doucette recently posted The Journey – Challenge of Color 2012My Profile

  28. Oy vey I hear your pain. It’s so frustrating to have a great idea in your head and just not getting the material to do what it wants you to. Looks like all your hard work paid off though, I love both pieces!!! That pendent came out beautiful!
    Thanks for creating all these wonderful pallets for us! It was heaps of fun!
    Sannipanni recently posted Color Challenge RevealMy Profile

  29. I have to tell you I loved seeing all of your palettes. The colors you pulled from them are amazing and make me look at color a whole new way. I am sorry that my muse is on vacation but I am planning on completing my palettes when she returns!!!

  30. Thank YOU for co-hosting this absolutely wonderful event and of course coming up with the stunning color palettes we all used! You’re definitely one multi-talented woman, that’s for darn sure! 🙂

    Personally, I think both of your pendants are so totally NEAT! Even if the first one was an oopsie. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like them!

    I adore that second color palette of yours and think you did a great job utilizing it ^.^
    Kayla @ TheEclecticElement recently posted Gifts for Dog Lovers under $50 {Kayla’s Holiday Picks}My Profile

  31. Brandi, you know what they say about trying a new recipe when company’s coming! Good on you for soldiering on anyway… I always learn WAAAAY more from my boo boos, anyway!

    Love everything, but I admit my eyes snapped to that embroidery thread; I have tons from a former life as a needle-worker. My brain is spinning now!

    Your colour choices for this Challenge are so marvelous. I am a colour addict and will be using these beautiful images/palettes to keep me inspired in the future.

    *(Caveat: I can’t take part in any draws/contests/prizes til 2013… self-imposed moratorium brought on by too much “winningness” this year. Kicking myself LOL.)