Monday Obsessions

Do you ever get really obsessed about a particular project that you just can’t stop? That’s me today.

I’ve been working a pet project for what seems like months, translating particular edits into Photoshop actions. I haven’t gotten as far as I would like because I’m picky and a touch neurotic when it comes the way I want an edit to turn out. My goal is to have a bunch of favorite edits that I can use when I want to, and to save time having to do these more intensive edits over and over.

I like editing probably more than is normal, but I don’t always have hours to spend on a photo, you know? Sometimes, I just need it done quickly, and in a certain way.

My challenge has been to find a balance between making an action work for a variety of photos without too much user input and without compromising the idea I’ve got in my mind. It’s been challenging in a good way to find that line where an action will work for a bunch of photos, and where it doesn’t.

I’m mostly moving forward in tiny steps, but I’m moving forward, so that’s the important thing, right? Since I can’t get it out of my mind, I’m taking the day to focus on my little pet project.

And I thought I’d share a little peek.

Fun fact: This photo was taken in Hawaii, right. I’m in the car next to the window snapping photos as we’re driving, and my nephew, who was sitting in front of me, was guiding me. As soon as he’d see a good view, he’d tell me “Now!” and I’d snap. Would you believe that I got a lot of great photos that way?

What are you working on today?



4 Responses to Monday Obsessions

  1. Ah, good for you, Brandi! I have a few steps I always do for my jewelry pictures (resize to 1000px square, insert watermark, adjust watermark opacity, and usually one of just a few lighting adjustments). In fact, I just redid the photography for about 20 pieces (4-5 pictures per piece) and I was STILL too stubborn to put the steps in an Action or two! Now that would be smart.

    This rephotographing thing has been my obsession lately. I’ve finally figured out a good lighting setup as well as my camera settings, so my pictures are finally starting to look decent! I need to get in gear on my next designs, though, to really get things moving 🙂

    That is so great that your nephew was your photo-copilot! That is a brilliant way to get good pictures on the go. Cool color effect on your image. At first glance it looks very still, but then my eyes keep telling me that the people are moving around doing their beach business, I wonder if anyone else gets the same feeling. Very interesting 🙂
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    • When I had my jewelry shop, I never thought to turn those steps into an action, either! It totally would have saved so much time if I had! And I think that rephotographing is smart – it took me forever to find a good set up, but once I did, I loved being able to rephotograph those old pieces!

      And yes, my nephew’s so willing to help. I love that about him!

  2. Oh I have so many pet projects. I work on the theory (my mother’s) that you do the things you have to do before the things you want to do. Sometimes I throw this out the window and indulge myself – I love those days. Your day has not been wasted and these edit look great. I also love the way the photo was captured – that made me laugh.
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    • I hear you – my daily life is a struggle between wants and needs (that’s from my mom, too!). Now if only these actions would come together faster, that’d be awesome.