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Would it surprise you to know that while I love Halloween and the spooky decor, I’m a total wuss when it comes to things like scary movies or haunted houses? Total. Wuss. My mind knows that none of it’s real, but I just can’t do it. I spend the whole time either paralyzed, gripping someone’s hand, or with my hands covering my face.

One year in college, my friends and I headed out to Knott’s Scary Farm and I almost lost my mind. There were Scare Zones where team members were dressed as these weird zombie-slasher-movie villain things, completed with masks and shredded clothing and these rollerblade contraptions on their shins. You’d hear a clicking through the fake fog, and all of a sudden, they’d come rolling out of nowhere right in front of you.

They weren’t allowed to touch you, but they loved to pop out or lurk behind unsuspecting visitors (me). After a particularly troubling experience in a haunted house called Malice in Wonderland and a team member dressed as a cannibalistic root, I very happily waited outside of the haunted houses for the rest of the night.

On the flip side, that’s when I discovered I have a scream that would give Hollywood actresses a run for their money.

So, instead of visiting haunted houses, I am more than happy with perusing Etsy shops and looking for spooky prints. I’ll be spending Halloween out of town next week, and it will be a decidedly family-friendly affair (I’m so grateful), so I’m getting in my scares on the blog now.

What are you doing for Halloween? How are you at haunted houses?


Photo sources:

  1. Heart of the Wood by judeMcConkeyPhotos
  2. Haunted by KimDeslandesPhotoArt
  3. Haunted House by seabelly
  4. Curtain Lace Ghost by missquitecontrary


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  1. Totally the same. I can remember back in h.s. everyone was at someone’s house to watch Nightmare on Elm Street. I was horrified and I had a hard time sitting there, but I wanted to be with those kids and especially my boyfriend-turned-husband that I did it but it was grueling. Now my 14 year old son is watching marathons of Friday the 13th and laughing at them. The gore and fright in today’s movies is out of control. Won’t watch them. The world is scary enough.

    But I do love fall decorating. I didn’t bring out the box of candle holders and such this year. And I know that we are now beyond the trick-or-treating age in my house. But we had our annual Hintz-DiSalvo pumpkin carving party that we have done for at least 15 years (before we even had kids!). We use the carving kits and get all sorts of creative and then take pics of the kids with the pumpkins. They look so cool lit on my front porch with the mums in orange and cranberry colors!

    I did attend a special sale at the university on Saturday as part of their Homecoming. The UWSP Sculpture classes have a new glass blowing studio and they made hundreds of blown glass pumpkins in all shapes, sizes and colors. I came home with three, one to give to a friend, but my orange-loving daughter refuses to let me part with it! I found out that this new fundraiser will be an annual event for the sculpture classes. So I can get a new pumpkin to add to the collection each year! Yea! And it goes into Thanksgiving for me. That is the kind of decorations that I love.

    Thanks for sharing these spooky pics!

    Enjoy the day.
    Erin Prais-Hintz recently posted Commitment…With a KissMy Profile

    • I just can’t watch scary movies anymore. Can’t do it! Not even to make fun of them. I accidentally saw Hitchcock’s The Birds when I was little. I thought it was Lassie, because it was in black and white. Watching Tippi’s eyes get pecked out was, I think, the turning point for me.

      But the pumpkins, both carved and glass, sound fantastic! What an awesome fall tradition. My mom used to go all out for the holidays starting October 1st. Decorations galore everywhere for the next three months – I loved it. She stopped doing it when I went off to college, but I still wish she would decorate. It never really feels like Halloween anymore without her fake spiderwebs and cackling witches, you know?

  2. I can’t handle haunted houses or any of that scary stuff – I’m a fellow wuss. And mostly, I stay away from scary/gory movies too, although last year I was introduced to “The Walking Dead” on AMC and discovered that zombies are sufficiently campy I can enjoy the storyline and the experience. (On TV. Not in person. In a haunted house. Even if it’s fake.)

    . . . . . um . . .

    What was that noise??!?
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    • You know what’s really ridiculous? I don’t watch scary movies, but I do watch those ghost shows on TV in the middle of the night by myself. Smart, right?