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My birthday’s this weekend, and I kind of almost forgot about it. I know, for shame. At what age does that become okay? Also, at what age does it become inappropriate to give your family hints about what you really want for your birthday? Not saying I’ve done that, of course, just curious for curiosity’s sake. And possibly future reference.

But now that I remembered it’s my birthday, I decided to go window shopping. Aren’t these lovely? I don’t know if Bead Soup is the culprit, or if I’m just lusting after gems, but I’m all about facets and angles and lines right now. And because I’m greedy, I want them all, how about you?


Photo sources:

      1. Summertime Star Chart Print by elisemahanfineart
      2. Sunstone Necklace by PoleStar
      3. Worth Quote Large Print by ppck
      4. Brass Chevron I Triangle Necklace by sonofasailor
      5. Libra constellation necklace by jacquelinefouche
      6. Sterling Silver Honeycomb Hexagon Necklace by ShopClementine
      7. Diamond by megamyers
      8. Amethyst Geometric Facet Art Print by thepairabirds
      9. Herkimer Diamond Ring by lumafina


11 Responses to Loving :: Angles

    • Thanks, Vicki!! I’ve been eyeing that PoleStar necklace for a while now… but then I’ve been eyeing that hexagon necklace for months, too. So hard to decide!

  1. Oh! I knew that this weekend was going to be special for some reason! That is it! I will be celebrating you from afar. I love all these angles. That herkimer diamond ring is AWESOME! I love a good right hand ring and this would do it for me.

    Have a great birthday. It is never a bad thing to hint at what you want from those you love. My hints fall on deaf ears, but it doesn’t stop me from trying!

    Enjoy the day, Miss Brandi! I will be thinking of you!
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  2. Happy Birthday, Brandi. Our much loved and adored grandgirl will be 3 on Saturday. So it’ll be a great weekend! Have a good time!

      • Thank you! My daughter was born on December 13th. Her daughter was due at the end of September. She planned an at-home birth. But she kept on being pregnant way past her due date! I kept saying Ruby was wanting to be born on the 13th, too, since it’s our lucky number. If Brooke hadn’t had Ruby on the 13th she would have had to go to the hospital for the birth so, again, the 13th is our lucky number. YOu are lucky to have this birthday!!! Hope it’s great.