Bead Soup’s here!

Today’s my stop on the Bead Soup Blog Tour! If you’re new here, welcome. If you’ve been here before, awesome to have you back.

If you’ve been following along on the blog tour, or have heard me mention it a time or two before, by now you know that the fabulous Lori Anderson asked 25 different jewelry designer friends to contribute to her first ever published book, right? And you know that I’m super proud to be one of the contributors? Excellent!

What you may not know is that Bead Soup is based off of Lori’s massive blog hop by the same name. During the blog hops, jewelry fanatics across the world get paired up and exchange a focal, a clasp, and coordinating beads that their partner must use to create a new piece. It’s an exciting blog hop, since there are so many different results. It’s fun to see what people work up.

It’s also an awesome way to challenge yourself when it comes to designing jewelry. In a design or color rut? Swap beads with a friend. Seeing what someone else chooses for me to work with never fails to get my muse talking.

I got a chance to preview Bead Soup before it hit stores, and it most definitely captures the spirit of the blog hop. Lori channeled the energy and creative exchange right into book form, and expanded the theme of soup with cute touches like “ingredients” and “from the pantry” notes.

As for my contribution, I was paired with Lori herself, and the beads she sent immediately got the ideas flowing. In addition to being yummy (I love gems!), they were a color combination I didn’t usually work with, which was exciting to explore. I also wanted to challenge myself a little more, so I opted to do a bracelet, something that I never really focused on when I had my jewelry shop (I was all about the earrings and necklaces). And with one look, I knew exactly how it’d all come together. Don’t you love when that happens?

We’ve been asked to keep the final projects a surprise, but I can show you a quick sneak peek:

I wanted lush, I wanted it to be wearable, and of course it had to have my clusters in there somewhere. I also wanted it to be a versatile design, one that you could use with any kind of bead, but I was worried that people wouldn’t get that. I shouldn’t have worried, because as an extra surprise (at least for me!), Lori made an alternate bracelet with my tutorial, and trust me when I say it turned out beautiful. It’s right next to mine in the book (page 17, if you’re curious), which I think really shows off how you can use the same steps with different beads to get two completely different, but gorgeous, results.

Knowing that I’m not the only one who likes to work with color, I sent Lori a variety of beads for her to play with but I had no idea what she ended up making. No one knew what their partner had made, so it was exciting to flip through my copy of Bead Soup to see not just my project, but Lori’s and everyone else’s projects, too. Waiting over a year for the reveal was hard, but worth it, I think. It’s fun to see it on bookshelves!

As for the experience of contributing to a published book, Lori made it oh so easy. Knowing a little of what it takes to put together a book like this, I’m so proud of all of the work Lori did.

bead soup cover

And I’m so happy to have been a part of Bead Soup! Especially since I now know who the other contributors are – fantastic ladies who you see all over jewelry circles. I’m not going to lie, I had an idea of who might be involved and I didn’t want to embarrass myself, and in print form no less. But everything came together beautifully, and it’s pretty cool to pick up one book and see so many different styles in one place. I think Bead Soup is perfect for beginners, intermediates, and those with eclectic and varying tastes.

What do you think?



To celebrate, I’m giving away a Bead Soup of my own! I have extras of some of the exact beads I used in my project, so I’m sharing those along with extra beads to replicate my Bead Soup project. This little set of beady goodness includes:

A pair of praisolite nuggets*, a pair of dark pink freshwater pearl sticks*, a pair of faceted crystal quartz semi-rounds, a pair of smoky quartz faceted ovals, a mini strand of faceted prehnite rounds, a half strand of pale green aventurine smooth rounds, and a full strand of creamy white freshwater pearls. (The * indicates the same beads I used in my project.)

To enter, simply leave a comment about your favorite project in Bead Soup or which project you’re most looking forward to trying (if you don’t have the book yet, you can preview it over on Amazon). If you tweet about this giveaway, pin a photo from this post on Pinterest, or Facebook share it, leave another comment with the status/pin/share link for another chance to win.

The giveaway is open to any and all, including international friends, and will close on Sunday, October 7th, at 10pm EST. I’ll choose a winner and post it on October 8th, and every comment here automatically gets entered into Lori’s grand prize giveaway (which will be announced on the 8th, too).


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Good luck and thanks for stopping by!



106 Responses to Bead Soup’s here!

  1. I really like the beads you sent – they are great. I previewed the book on Amazon and like Silk Road. I am really looking forward to reading this book. Thanks for gifting beads to one of us lucky souls.

  2. I love your colour combination – strawberry pink and minty green. It goes beautifully together. I have not seen the book yet, but I did preview on Amazon and I absolutely love the necklace on the index page with the pinkish cameo – sorry don’t know whose design it is yet 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to win.
    Chrizette recently posted Double Strand Bead and Jump Ring BraceletMy Profile

  3. I didn’t know about the book til I found out about this blog hop, I don’t have it yet but it’s on my wishlist! I’m afraid the preview doesn’t show me any projects so I can’t tell you which is my favourite.
    wendy recently posted the end is nearMy Profile

  4. These beads are beautiful! Thank you for being so generous! I’d love the chance to create with them!

  5. I don’t have the book, but from the projects I’ve seen so far, your bracelet with the bead cluster is what I’m itching to try the most… I also liked the necklace with that lampwork pod a lot, don’t remember who made it – too many blogs to read, too many pretty things to look at to remember them all…
    Kiwiken recently posted Comment on Working on new Beads by nerdyellieMy Profile

  6. Bird’s nest soup is a favorite of mine. I love birds and I am fond of the colors in it. It is really hard to pick one favorite. They are all so wonderful.

  7. After seeing a sliver of your bracelet in this post – I think that’s the one I’m most looking forward to seeing how it’s done – I love the colors and the chunkiness – so pretty. Thanks for the chance to win a beautiful bead soup.

  8. Just posted to twitter bit can’t figure out how to get the link on my iPad. Check my twitter account, KayzKreationz. Sorry

  9. Congratulations on your contribution to this great event! Both bead soups are gorgeous! I don’t have the book yet, but honestly when you shared the link to your cluster tutorial I immediately knew I wanted to try it. I’ve seen them many times and have always wondered how you got them so neat and tidy.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. It’s hard to pick a favorite with so much talent represented. My favorite project is Summer Soup by Cassie Donlen. My favorite colors are pink & aqua. I guess the color is what got me. Libby Leuctman’s focal is awesome. All I can say is everyone should own this awesome book. Thanx for a chance to win a wonderful soup. I love the pink stick pearls.

  11. Wow! Pick a favorite piece?! That’s going to be hard. But . . . Lori’s Silver Soup Spoon is one of my favorites. I love it’s eclectic feel. Cindy Wimmer’s piece, Fine Dining is also one of my favorites, although I’d never wear something like it –funny how I can love it, even though I know it’s not for me. Then there’s Melissa Meman’s Ladybug necklace –I could go on and on! And I also really love the strawberry and mint bracelet you created from Lori’s soup 🙂
    Cassi recently posted First Pay It Forward DeliveryMy Profile

  12. Hi Brandi. I just tweeted about your great give away. Here’s my twitter name Bead Designs ‏@tweetybead . I just want you to know that I have your blog on my desktop & visit you regularly

  13. Your piece looks so lush and on the glamourous side. Picking one piece is hard – I do really like Cindy Wimmer’s one and I really love the names that Lori gave the different pieces.

  14. Your piece looks so lush and glamourous! Picking one piece was really hard – I really do like Cindy Wimmer’s. I love all the names that Lori came up for the pieces.

  15. Your soup is beautiful. I love the soft colors. I need to get a peek at that book. I’m dying to see what everyone made. These teasers are killing me. 🙂

  16. Hi Brandi,

    Congratulations for being selected to participate in Lori’s book. I just can’t wait to see it in person. It is filled with so many of my favorite designers that picking a favorite will be hard. Not having seen the book yet, I would say that I’m looking forward to seeing “Birds Nest Soup”. The title has me intrigued. I absolutely love the bead soup mix you received as well as the one you contributed. I would like the chance to win your soup mix; thank you for the opportunity. Oh, your blog is so awesome; I can spend hours looking at all the pictures and color schemes.

  17. I don’t know how I could even pick the one I’m most forward to seeing in the book. All of the teaser pics that everyone has posted on the blog hop are amazing. I’m intrigued by Chilled Blueberry Soup. I don’t think I’ve seen a teaser pic of that one. Can’t wait to see the book! Thanks for the amazing soup giveaway. 🙂

  18. Hi Brandi, I am a serious fan of pearls, and gemstones like those in your giveaway!!! I would really like to be included in the giveaway. i am having so much fun, meeting everybody and seeing the styles that other people do!!!

  19. I am so very happy to find you in this book, Miss Brandi. Your jewelry making skillz are second to none. I covet the pieces I have from you. I also know the type of awesome materials that you have in your stash, as I have some of your destash items as well. Your mastery of color and form are obvious. It is an honor to be on this bead soup journey with someone that I dearly admire. Enjoy the day, Miss Brandi!
    Erin Prais-Hintz recently posted Diversionary TacticsMy Profile

  20. Pick one to like/love? Impossible! All of them! Of course I love yours and the stone soup and cabin fever and …….. this book is fabulous! So much inspiration.

    Congratulations on being published in Lori’s book and thank you for the giveaway offer (pearls and quartz? Be still my beating heart!)

  21. I haven’t seen the book yet, but I’ve been following the blog hop and checking out all the teaser pics. Definitely sparking my curiosity!

  22. Oh Brandi, what a delicious looking bowl of bead soup!!! Absolutely gorgeous selections!!! Would love to win these beads!!!!!

  23. Whaaaa! I have to pick only one!!!! Well, if you insist… on page 17 there is a “financial crisis” bracelet that Lori has pictured as a sub. While the main bracelet pictured on the page is gorgeous, pink is not my favorite color (this month, who knows about next month LOL), I really resonate with the colors Lori chose for her subsitute bracelet, esp the large red beads. Love the clasp too.

  24. I am lucky enough to have the book already! I am partial to using vintaj, so I’d have to say I’m partial to Cindy Wimmer’s soup (ingredients from Heather Powers), off the top of my head. Really, the book doesn’t have a bad design in it, so you really can’t go wrong!

  25. I really want to try your project! I love the colors, textures, clusters, bead weave & chunky all together is delightful. I can’t wait to see the full project when I get my copy of the book!

    I have totally enjoyed this book launch – blog jumping – book tour. It has been inspirational and you’re right in line perfectly with the BSBP – what a journey you all have been on.

    Thanks for sharing your story and participation. I am so excited that you are offering such a fun opportunity to win something so similar to what is featured in the book.

    Good luck everyone!
    Jami Shipp recently posted A Creative Chelle Marks 100th Post – Hooray!My Profile

  26. First off, CONGRATULATIONS on this fab book! I don’t have it yet, but from everything I have seen, it is going to be amazing! All of the projects look great, but I think I would like to try “Soup in the Butterfly Garden” by Lori Anderson! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Count me in!

  27. I love doing the bead soup swaps because it makes me use colors that I usually don’t work with. AND I’ve met some wonderful artist through the hops. Lovely items you are giving away…thank you so much for sharing & being a part of this great team

  28. I’m excited that you’re in Lori’s book! And, your bracelet was one of my fav’s I have to admit – and I’m not really that much of a ‘pink’ girl – but your design was stunning! I do love how Lori used your technique/instructions to make the other bracelet which looks completely different using different beads/findings, that was cool to see.

    Love the color palette you did w/your bead soup bracelet from the book – gorgeous!!
    Shelly Buettner recently posted More Beading Fun And Time For Another Class!My Profile