Things that amaze me

I took this photo out the window of a moving car (!). Then I spent two hours trying to find the perfect edit for it, and I’m still not satisfied.

Despite being a tropical paradise, there aren’t many pineapples grown in Hawaii anymore. There are still some, but not near as many as they used to be. This photo is of the old pineapple fields up near the North Shore of Oahu, though I couldn’t tell what exactly was growing there right now.

Despite living in Texas for close to thirty years, my dad unerringly directed us to a chop suey house he used to go to in Hawaii. Also, the next time you’re in a Chinese restaurant, ask if they have cake noodles, then order whatever you want to order with cake noodles. Your mouth will thank me.

My niece manages to be both a girly girl and a tomboy all at the same time. I find this both delightful and alarming, especially when she tells me she doesn’t understand why her teacher makes her sit with the girls in her class when she’d prefer to be with the boys (oy). Or when she tells me she wants to be a bus driver for Halloween while wearing a nightgown, a bow, and a flower in her hair. My inner feminist is cheering “Yeah, right on!” while my inner princess is curled up in the corner crying “Why can’t you just be a ballerina?!?”

My nephew knows more about working any electronic piece of equipment than I do, and frequently goes couch commando with the remote. Are boys born with this sort of knowledge?

I sometimes get more blog hits on days I don’t post anything. This sends me mixed messages, just so you know.

The social media icons that I posted back in May just passed 3500 downloads. Totally humbled, and I’m glad people are enjoying those buttons.

I’m still jet lagged.


What about you – what amazes you today?



6 Responses to Things that amaze me

  1. I’m amazed that my children can have such differing personalities and they amaze me daily. My youngest and your niece would get along famously. He likes pink and Lego and thinks nothing of ordering books that are clearly intended for girls.
    Libby recently posted Creating a zineMy Profile

    • Truth be told, I dig that she’s comfortable enough with what she likes. It’s just that she makes an adorable princess, you know? She was Snow White one year and she was SO cute. Last year, she was an astronaut, so I wanted to see her in something fluffy this year. Ah, well!

  2. Brandi, I didn’t realize that there just weren’t so many pineapples grown in Hawaii anymore! 🙁 I remember the Dole pineapple plantation on our honeymoon. 🙂 This is such a great vintage-looking photo!
    Cindy recently posted Autumn BAJMy Profile

    • Oh, the Dole plantation is still there! We actually stopped in, but it’s just very touristy now. Lots of trinkets, a walk through maze, a train – all nice, but not really authentic Hawaii, if that makes sense. Plus, I heard Dole moved its operation over to California, so the pineapples they grow in Hawaii are really only a small fraction of what they produce.