September Palette Club

sept palette club

In the madness of being gone, coming home, and immediately having floor installations done (yay, new floors!), I didn’t get a chance to share a sneak peek of September’s Palette Club before they were mailed last week. All of the packages have gone out, and US recipients should have already received their prints (international folks, yours are on the way!).

It was a lot of fun picking out the prints for September, and I’m already narrowing down choices for October, so if you’d like to jump in, you can find more info right over here.

What are you working on today?



2 Responses to September Palette Club

  1. Hip hip HOORAY for the palette club! I am so happy for you. I knew I was missing something. Drats. Oh well. Next time around then! Happy to have you back, Miss Brandi! Your photos are captivating as ever, a place I would dearly love to travel to one day. But I just got finished with a whirlwind tour around the world with the Challenge of Travel so it felt like I was whisked away on a vacation…not! Looking forward to seeing what inspiration comes of your latest trip! Enjoy the day. Erin

    • Thank you so much, Miss Erin, and apologies for the lengthy delay in responding. If you ever get a chance to go, let me know, I’ve got tons of suggestions on where to stay, what to eat, what to do, what to skip!