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I unabashedly love being a tourist when I travel. So, even though I have lived in and have traveled to Hawaii before, I dig walking around Waikiki. A lot has changed in the last three years, particularly down Kalakaua Avenue (a main street in Waikiki). Lots of shops, both recognizable brand names and smaller businesses, have popped up, and it was in one such shop that I discovered the work of Kat Reeder.

I’ve seen her work before, but had no idea who the artist was. So, it was exciting to be able to put a name to a print, you know?

Kat is a self-taught illustrator who was born in Florida and is now living and working in Hawaii. Her work focuses on island life with a stylistic hand and lush colors (a lady after my own heart), and what I love most about it is that it celebrates Hawaii without being kitschy. There’s a lot of kitsch to be had, especially in tourist areas like Waikiki, so you kind of expect it. But Kat’s work takes it up several levels and makes the subject matter beautiful and lovely. And that’s so refreshing to see, frankly.

My favorite, and the print that caught my eye in that little shop’s window? Hawaiian Girls, naturally.

I’m only scratching the surface here with her work. To see more from Kat, visit her website or stop by her Big Cartel shop or Etsy shop to grab a print of your own.



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    • Seeing a canvas wrap print in person makes the colors truly pop. I wish I could have afforded to bring one home or order one – the print is nice, but the canvas was better!

  1. One of the reasons I wish I had a bigger house is just to display art. A lot of the things I like just don’t mix with each other, so I need lots of walls for my art. Think comic book illustrations with Van Gogh prints…

    I’ve definitely added her to my “wants” list.
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    • I’ve got the same eclectic tastes, too, Yazmin. I’m working on an art wall with shelves for frames that I can just move around when I feel like it. Some prints don’t quite mesh, but I think I’d rather see them displayed (instead of languishing in a pile on a shelf like they have been for years, so sad). I’m hoping it’ll sort of work…