Hawaii Recap 1

hawaii recap 1

Oh, friends, it’s been a long few weeks. How are you??

I headed off to, and have since returned from, Hawaii. It was both a good and bad trip – good in that I got to spend a lot of time with family I don’t get to see, except when I go back home. Family that is awesome and funny and willing to get together whenever to ‘talk story’, and I loved that.

Bad because five days in I got sick. Stuck in a hotel room coughing and sneezing and shivering just seems wrong, you know? Even more so when you’re on vacation in Hawaii. I had all of these plans to do things that I just had to let go of, things I didn’t get to scratch off my must-see list, photos I didn’t get to take, and that’s a total bummer. I still have a cough, too, which is just annoying.

But other than a two hour flight delay leaving (on an eight hour flight, too, which was all kinds of not awesome, with a chatty pilot who kept sharing all of the repairs needed before we took off on, his words, “the longest over the water stretch of flying, so we need both engines to work because we’ve only got two on this plane”, words that as someone who’s been flying her whole life made even me nervous and checking for emergency exits, though I think that was a vague, twisted attempt at humor), and a slight mix up checking into the hotel, the trip was really nice. It was nice to get away, and relax.

For part of the time, we were in a hotel in Waikiki that was right on the beach, so I was able to walk around, play tourist, see the ocean. For the other part, we were with family close to the North Shore, an area that I haven’t spent much time in, so that was nice, too.

I’m slowly (and I mean glacially slow, return jet lag sucks) getting back into the swing of things. I’ll be checking in and catching up more now that I’m home.

How have you been?



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  1. sounds like a lovely trip! been thinking about you friend since i started taking the art and business of surface pattern design. i made my first very own color palette and moodboard this week. anyways, it just reminded me of you.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you got sick during your vacation :(. The good thing is that you had chance to spend many precious moments with your family. Pictures look great. I would love to see more of them.

      • Brandi,

        I’m so glad you had such a great time. I left my family and friends back at my homeland, Poland. I know how it is to meet everyone and have a great time. And at this moment I’m awaiting for my 5,5 month long trip back home to see everyone. It is so exciting, even though it is still two months away we (my husband and I) leave I’m counting down till then.
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  3. I’m so sorry to hear that you had to spend some of your lovely vacation being sick – that’s a total bummer! Especially since it was Hawaii!! Your pictures are super beautiful though and from the sounds of the rest of your vacation you had a good time – which is nice to hear and I hope your cough goes away; those really can be annoying! I’m heading off to Italy next week and hope to capture some great photos and have asked the wellness-gods to impart great health upon me while I travel! 😉 Get better soon Brandi!
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    • OMG, Italy! I’m super jealous, because Italy’s been my dream vacation since I was 12. By now, you’re already gone, so I hope your trip is fantastic!!

  4. Sorry you got sick, but the pictures look amazing. I’m jealous of your Hawaii trips. I’m hoping to finally get there myself this coming March.