Color Palette #121 :: Orchids and Bougainvillea

orchid palette

bouganvilla palette

I know next to nothing about flowers or plant life, which isn’t so bad till someone remarks on whatever flower I’m snapping photos of. “Oh, isn’t that such and such a gorgeous flower! I just love those! How about you?” Then I’ve either got to fake it or smile and nod like I know what they’re talking about.

This happened a lot in Hawaii. There are flowers all over the place and, me being me, I kept getting distracted by the colors, so I’d wander off to take a few photos. I made lots of flower friends while on vacation, but I only knew about half of the names of said flowers I was looking at.

When I tell people this, I get a variety of looks, most usually the ones of the “Then why are you photographing flowers you don’t know the names of?” type. My response is along the lines of “Because unless it’s breezy, flowers stand still.” I do the same thing at car shows; I don’t know the names of everything I’m looking at, but I like what I’m seeing and cars stand still long enough for me to get the shot.

Unlike children.

Also, I’m still learning manual mode. Sometime within the next decade, I expect to have mastered it just in time for brand new technology to come out and make my knowledge obsolete.

In my defense, I do know these are photos of orchids and bougainvillea, as well as what roses and daisies and tulips look like. Beyond that, I need help.

What about you – are you a flower person?



10 Responses to Color Palette #121 :: Orchids and Bougainvillea

    • That sounds so pretty and awesome! I bet your flowers are so lovely – I love photographing flowers, there’s just so many textures and colors to be found.

  1. I’m totally like you. I love taking photos of flowers and plants, I have hundrads of pictures, but mostly I have no idea what’s the flower name. I would love to one day be able to name all of them. Great pics and palettes.

  2. Oh my gosh, Brandi – that first palette is to die for! xoxoxo

    And yes, I am a flower person – I spent a whole month taking shots of an orchid plant, because it stood still and I coud move it around to experiment with light and focus.
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    • Yes, that’s it exactly! I have thousands of practice photos of flowers. And those orchids are my aunt’s – she’s got all of these flowers around her house that are just beautiful.

  3. Hey, Brandi

    Tell them you’re doing the Zen thing, and looking at it without a back story. Great pictures. When I was in Thailand I was taken by bougainvillea. It was everywhere in every color, but no one knew the name. Finally someone told me the Thai name for it. Faeng faeng.


    • I’m giggling about the Zen thing, I might just have to give that a try!

      As for the bougainvillea, those were planted by my grandmother, and are such an amazing shade of pink! I remember watching those get bigger each year when I was growing up.

  4. They are both lovely, but I adore the 2nd one. It looks like it has rice paper leaves. We moved from the Midwest to Southeast Texas for 3 years when we were first married. Having not lived in that area before it was a surprise when trees and bushes started blooming in all sorts of bright colors in Feb. Spring in Feb! Our son was born the end of one Feb. and I always remember the Azaleas in bloom. What a beautiful treat that was!
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    • I think spring in Texas is a gorgeous time of year! We don’t have much in the way of mountains or hills (unless you go far West Texas), and most of the state doesn’t have a beach. But flowers we do have, and it’s always so lovely to see them bloom! What a great memory to have – thanks for sharing it!