Color Palette #120 :: Morning

morning palette

This week was not an easy one. Lots of minor irritations, me totally out of sync with everything and everyone around me, and on more than one occasion, I kind of felt like I maybe shouldn’t have gotten out of bed in the morning. You know that feeling, right?

And on even more occasions, I wished that if I could redo the day, I could wake up in bed in Hawaii. This was my view near the end of my trip, and it was a quiet, simple one that I fell in love with.

But one thing that kept me plugging was knowing that today, a good friend of mine is coming into town. She’d been living abroad for years, and it’ll be awesome to see her. She’s never been to Texas, so I’m taking her and her guy out for gigantic steaks.

And another cool thing? Epiphanie Bags read and retweeted my Clover review. That’s pretty damn rad.

How has your week gone?



2 Responses to Color Palette #120 :: Morning

    • It was a really nice visit – we haven’t seen each other in so many years, it’s ridiculous. Actually, she was over in your part of the world – Perth – and she’s next heading off to Dubai. Crazy-ness!

      The only sad thing was the steaks – the steakhouse I took them to didn’t have super large steaks anymore. Her guy was so disappointed.

      I hope your little guy is feeling better!