Color Palette #118 :: Vintage Skateboards

I was in a surf shop in Haleiwa that covered their walls in all of these awesome vintage surf posters, stickers, and flyers. Surfboards were suspended from the ceiling, but what caught my eye were the vintage skateboards hanging up.

I know next to nothing about skateboarding, other than to properly identify what a skateboard is, so I have no idea if these are rare or special or what. But I thought they were cool. Someone cared enough to start collecting them, and frame up all of the photos that are just barely showing at the bottom. And the staff were nice enough to let me stand there snapping away like a crazy person, but surfers on a whole are very laid-back people, so that’s not so surprising.

What is surprising is that the Strong Current surf shop doesn’t seem to have a web presence; all I could find that actually referenced it is an address and map on Facebook. Being online so much, I take for granted that everybody’s got a website (or three), but turns out, I was wrong there. So, if you’re into surfing and happen to be wandering around the North Shore of Oahu, stop by Strong Current to see the surfing memorabilia firsthand.



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  1. OH my 10 year old son would LOVE this photo! I’ll have to show it to him… he just got his first nice skateboard recently and my brother got to show him the ropes over the summer. Brings back my youth…living in CA and wearing my VANS… 🙂
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