Color Palette #117 :: Diamond Head

Just popping in to share a quick photo palette with you. This is from the other morning, with the sun rising behind Diamond Head on Waikiki. We were up early enough to capitalize on the quiet just-after-dawn part of the morning, so we took a lovely walk along the beach in front of our hotel. Not a bad view, huh? I could get used to this.

How have you been?


10 Responses to Color Palette #117 :: Diamond Head

  1. What a beautiful site. I can’t wait til the day I get to travel there. I have heard so many fantastically beautiful things about the islands. I am sure you are having an amazing time. My summer has been great!! I can’t wait to hear more about yours!!

    • If you ever get a chance to go, let me know, and I’ll give you recommendations, friend! I’m well-versed in finding stuff for a range of budgets!