Color Palette #116 :: Sunrise

Since I did twilight last week, I thought I’d do the exact opposite today. And, luckily, a few days ago, I caught sight of an awesome sunrise shining through my window. Really intense reds and corals and peaches all throughout the sky – so amazing.

What confused me, though, was that the sunrise was coming from the west, not the east. I wasn’t awake enough, and I wasn’t caffeinated enough, to realize in a timely manner that what I was seeing out the back windows was the reflection of the sunrise bouncing off the clouds in the west. So, it took me staring out on my back porch, baffled, for a good long while before I clued in and ran to get my camera. And by that time the colors faded just enough.

But it still looks good, I think.

I’m a little bummed today because this time last year, I was doing an August Break, a month of blogging just photos (though my take was a month of color palettes). I just can’t commit to it this year, I’m too caught up in work then travel, though I want to really badly. Is anyone else taking the plunge? I’d love to live vicariously through you.



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