Lazy Summers

I have this idealized and stylized vision of what summer should be like – lots of sunshine, ocean breezes, carefree attitude, long days, cool nights, my toes in the sand, a book in my bag, and a camera around my neck. I’ve only had one summer exactly like my vision, and that was quite some time ago (oh, college).

It’s been a crazy busy summer for me so far. New projects, new graphic clients, and a vacation looming in 27 days that could be really relaxing or really busy (jury’s still out). I’m trying to be around more, but it’s a full plate around here, you know? So, I’ve been escaping a lot, mentally speaking, and my mental escape includes pictures like these art prints.

What’s your ideal summer look like?



Photo sources:

    1.  Summer Print by MrsCrck
    2. Ocean Diamonds Print by Natural Curiosity
    3. Summer Print by Alyssa Jamison
    4. Summer Art Print by Beverly LeFevre
    5. Summer Art Print by Teal Thomsen

Want some more beachy goodness? I’ve got a Pinterest board for that.


2 Responses to Lazy Summers

  1. You described my ideal summer, Brandi! Haven’t really had one of those – not at the beach for the entire summer anyway – would love to though! Crazy, Busy around here right now, too. I hope you have a fun and relaxing vacation that rejuvinates and inspires you!! Enojoy! (Love all these pics – perfect summer dreaming photos!)
    Michelle Buettner recently posted Time to Play!My Profile

  2. Wow I have clearly been under a rock and missed out on a whole bunch of your posts. Oh summer – elusive summer. I swear it was sleeting today and I’m trying to channel summer but the heater is on and my nose is cold. These photos speak of the ultimate summer from my childhood.
    Libby recently posted Inspired by :: CatherineholmMy Profile