Color Palette #115 :: Twilight

You ever do that thing where you take pictures, then forget to upload the pictures, so that once you finally get around to transferring said pictures off your camera, you’ve totally forgotten what it was you were doing or trying to accomplish with said pictures?

That’s this right here.

I think I was trying to capture a gorgeously huge full moon, but lacked the proper lens to zoom in and do it justice. Also, the patience to worry about composition. I’m sure my neighbor enjoys me taking lots of photos of his roof.

On the flip side, can we be impressed that I managed to get another low-light shot that’s in focus?? Not to brag or anything, but straight out of the camera, this photo was way darker than it looks here. I was super excited that, if nothing else, this is as clear as it is, given that the only available light was literally coming from the moon.

In other unrelated news, I broke down and bought the Epiphanie camera/laptop bag I’ve been lusting over for a year and a half, because I’m so attached to my laptop that I can’t stand to be parted from it for a few weeks (I recognize and accept this is mildly ridiculous, but I’ll be paying for internet access at the hotel whether I use it or not, so I figure I should use it). Review on the bag coming in September, once I’ve had a chance to break it in, but right now I can say I’m already impressed.

It’s also fifteen days till I leave and I haven’t accomplished a single thing on my travel to-do list, other than order a new bag. Preparing for a trip is a little exhausting sometimes; I figure if I start packing now, I might be done by the time I head off for the airport.

I have, however, received necessary packing supplies for The Palette Club and am waiting for the second round of test prints to arrive (I’m being very particular about them). And I’m making headway on the last few open projects I’ve got going on that I hope to finish before I go.

I’m calling this week a win.

What have you been up to?



4 Responses to Color Palette #115 :: Twilight

  1. 15 days, that’s a loooot! I usually don’t prepare anything until a couple of days before travelling. 🙂
    I just found your blog and literally fell in love, great job! I’ll definitely become a regular visitor.
    Tamara’s Blend recently posted Blue pleated skirtMy Profile

  2. Love the photo and color palette! I am very impressed w/the whole focus in the dark issue you’ve got going on here Brandi! I can never get my ‘moon shots’ to come out clear and I’ve even tried the low light/sunset setting on my camera – doesn’t work. Well, it probably works – it’s the operator that doesn’t work!! I also hear ya w/the travel and plans thing. I’m doing that here next month. It’s about 6 weeks until I leave w/my sis for Italy (leaving the hubby and son to fend for themselves for 10 days!) and other than get my ticket and our lodging, the only thing I’ve accomplished is to download a translator app on my new iphone because my son walked me through it!! LOL!! Have fun on your trip and I hope you enjoy your new laptop bag!
    Michelle Buettner recently posted Get To Class!My Profile

  3. I normally pack the night before – as long as you THINK about what to pack beforehand, you’ll be fine to do it last minute. (This is also how I wrote all my university essays and I got pretty darn good marks so…)

    Anyway, I loooooove this palette so much. Perfection! Plus, that first paragraph – YES. I do this all the time. Too many ideas/photos, not enough time.

    ps. Just saw your Palette Club thingo – great idea! I’ll be signing up in a month or so 🙂
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