Mental health days

I needed a mental health day, so yesterday I took one.

And the world did not implode! Who knew. I read an entire book yesterday.

This is new for me; not the reading a book part, but the other one. See, I generally work at least a little most days. I do it because ‘work’ is fun, and I feel pretty close to figuring out a new next step for myself. But taking time off usually includes a few twinges of guilt. When you work for yourself, when your income completely depends on you working, and when there’s always something to do, time off is way more complicated than I ever remember it being.

Maybe that’s just me.

But a couple of things became glaringly obvious to me yesterday – I need to take mental health days more often. So much easier said than done, but I’m going to give it a try. So, for the next little while, my posting schedule here is going to be lighter than usual. Just until I figure a few things out.

I need it. And I’m close to a few decisions, I can feel it.

What do you do on your mental health days?


P.S. I took this photo recently, and I kind of dig how the edits make it look older than it is. Photo and editing by me, texture’s from the Florabella Textures Set III.



5 Responses to Mental health days

  1. I took one of these today. I was working on some jewellery and it just wouldn’t work. It got me thinking about what I would do if I was actually running my own business and had a day like this, would I be able to throw down my tools as easily as I did today?. I decided that the best thing was to just leave it for today and relax, I’m happy that I have that option at the moment, I hope there will be room for mental health days when I do eventually start up on my own, I think they are a perfect idea for brain re-collaboration
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  2. Yes!! It really does become complicated! While I’m by no means self-employed, just had a business on the side, I’ve noticed how much of my time I feel guilty about: that I should only have X hours a week of free time (that should still be productive somehow, not “playtime”)

    Like Lynsey, I also sell handcrafted jewelry and so I have a lot of supplies around. The other night I sat and *played* with jewelry. Nothing fascinating came out of it, nothing terribly useful, and for a second I cringed about using up supplies and “labor” hours. But I had *fun* and realized that not all of my time at home is “labor” time (all work & no play = burnout) – and that jewelry can be BOTH my hobby and my business. How fun!

    Enjoy your “you” time!!
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  3. Good for you on your mental health day!! Yes – they are harder to take now that I work for myself. It was much easier to take them when I did ‘corporate’ work – sooooo much easier.

    Seems I take all mine in the summer because we spend so much time at my sis’s cabin,…cabin sitting, watching the animals while they’re on vacation and things like that. We still work our other business, but my jewelry business kinda falls by the wayside during the summer and it makes it tough to jump-start agian in the fall, but the mental health days I take up in the mountains in the summer are so amazing!!
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  4. Oh mental health days are so good for – well done for taking time out for you. A few weeks ago I took my boys individually out of school for a day. One in one week and the other the following week. They got to choose what we do for the day and where we have lunch. It’s nice for me but it’s also nice for them. I just want to help them know the value of taking some time out and how healthy that is. I only do this once a year and I confess it’s also nice for me to spend quality one on one time with them.
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  5. How funny to come across this post just after yesterday which was a complete day off. My husband and I, both self employed, had not had a day off properly pretty much since we got married last month which is pretty ridiculous. The pressures of balancing my own work with a second job has been getting to me so a free day was so needed. I love that you call them mental health days because that’s exactly what yesterday felt like; a day to be restored, enthused and generally excited about the world and our part in it.