Loving :: Jasper James

I’m on this double exposure kick lately. It started with these photos that the lovely Kellie took with her Diana camera; aren’t they pretty? And ever since, double exposure photographs keep catching my eye.

Like the work of Jasper James.

Jasper is a Beijing-based commercial photographer with a great eye and a huge range of subject matter. He’s got a lot to see on his website, but my favorite is the City Silhouettes series, which is full of double exposure photographs that are lovely and wistful and contemplative.

Aren’t these amazing?

To see more, visit Jasper’s website. Found via Photojojo! and Booooooom.com.



13 Responses to Loving :: Jasper James

  1. Brandi–
    Jasper James photos are incredible! Love them and went on to look at this website.

    I’m taking your e-class on PSE and want to thank you for all the great extras you’ve thrown in! As well as all the wonderful links you provide on your blog.


    • Hey Linda! Yes, his work (I’m assuming he’s a “he”) is fantastic. I spent quite some time browsing his portfolio!

      And thanks for the kind words about my PSE class – it’s been awesome having you!

    • I know, right? I wouldn’t mind a huge print or wallpaper mural of one of his prints. Too bad it doesn’t look like he sells any prints…