Loving :: Editorial Calendar WP Plugin

In my quest to stay organized and on top of things, I happened across a cool WordPress plugin that I had to share.

Remember the freebie download I posted earlier this year, the printable Blogging Calendar I’ve been using to stay on top of my posts? It’s still working great for me; something about physically putting a pen to paper makes me happy.

But if you’re a digital lover, then check out the Editorial Calendar Plugin from Stress Limit. It works like any other WordPress plugin (and yep, it’s only for WP, sorry Blogger.com people); search for it through the Add New plugin page on the dashboard side of your blog, or download it directly from WP.org. Once it’s activated, it’ll appear as a submenu under the Posts tab.

As far as how it works, it does exactly what it promises – it puts all of your published, scheduled, and draft posts right there on a calendar. As a visual person, this makes me so happy; I respond better to a looking at everything in its own little box on a calendar than a big list of posts.

There are lots of awesome things about this plugin. You can click and drag the post titles to a different day, instead of having to manually change each date on each post – so easy and helpful, especially if you have multiple posts per day that you need to handle and keep track of. Unscheduled drafts can be hidden or viewed in a side column list, depending on preference; a click and drag can bring it right onto your calendar whenever you are ready to post it. Or, if you’re looking to add a brand new post, you can do that directly from the calendar page, too, by hovering over the top of the date box till you see the New Post link. And, as a nice little touch, when you scroll with your mouse’s wheel, the calendar scrolls with you up or down, quickly changing the months and weeks.

I love my printable calendar, but I’ve been enjoying the Editorial Calendar Plugin as well – I’ve been using it as my default posts page (the page I go to view my posts) because it’s just how my mind works. I’m also a fan of it being right there on the back-end of my blog; the calendar and the blog posts are in one place (love that I don’t have to remember another site to visit), and they link together seamlessly.

I’m looking forward to incorporating this little plugin as time goes on!

What about you – are you a paper or digital calendar user?



12 Responses to Loving :: Editorial Calendar WP Plugin

  1. So cool and now I’m off to install it! I haven’t got a system yet – can you help? I’m not really a paper girl and I use both Wunderlist and Evernote because I can access them from all my devices. I do love being about to visually see what’s going on so I think this plugin will be awesome.
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    • Oh man, I’m not sure I’m the person to ask. I’m the queen of “let’s try this and see if it works!” I was surprised that writing it down on paper works for me, but even that has specific requirements – like it has to be lined paper in a binder, not a conveniently-sized notebook that would fit in a bag. No, because that would be useful.

      I will say that if you’ve got an iPhone, you should check out Teuxdeux.com for to-do lists. It’s simple, it has an app, and helps me stay on track with my to-dos.