Color Palette #113 :: In the clouds

I read a blog post last week, and one quote from it has stuck with me. It simply said: Stop killing the dream.

I can’t link to which post I read because I have no idea. I can’t tell you, because did I bookmark it? NO. So, my apologies. In lieu of a link, let me summarize.

This post was directed to anyone with a dream – an artist, an entrepreneur, a writer, whomever – and how we let our doubts creep in and talk us out of trying. How we ourselves kill our dream before it even fully develops. We kill it before we give it a shot because we get scared.

So, instead of going for it, we shelve it under “someday”, taking it out once in a while to mull it over a little, and putting it back right where it was before, deep inside. We spend all of this time thinking about the dream that could instead be put towards actually going after said dream. But we don’t always move from thinking to doing.

The author’s simple and to-the-point advice to stop killing the dream resonates… because I’ve killed the dream for myself before, in big ways and little ones. And I know the exact point when I do it, too. It’s right in the middle of the brainstorming process, when I can see a plan, but it requires a leap of faith. That’s the moment when I freeze a little and mentally start walking myself back, talking myself out of it.

Dreams take a little bit of courage, turns out.

Since I’m at this exact place with a project today, I’m going to try to power through my reflex. If I can get through this, I should have some news to announce after the Fourth of July holiday.

What does stop killing the dream mean to you?


P.S. If the quote sounds familiar to you, and you can magically divine what post I’m talking about because maybe you read it, too, AND managed to bookmark it, I’d love to link to it if you’d be kind enough to share! It’s been driving me nuts.



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  1. Oh – I love this color palette (you probably guessed that I would say that, right!?) Anyway – it’s completely up my alley – colorwise,….cloud wise, sky wise – and dream wise! I hear ya w/the Killing Your Dreams bit – just talked w/one of my girlfriends about this last night over dinner. She told me to ‘stop standing in the way of my own success’ and just get out there and ‘do it!’.

    Good advice I know, but some things are harder to realizethan others, aren’t they?

    I’m thinking of you and wishing you success in your next new endeavor. Chin up, breathe deep and take that next step. (I’ll expect you to kick start my bum when I’m ready for my next step, k?!)

    Have a good weekend!
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  2. I totally agree with you. I found myself in exactly the same situation so many times. Sometimes it is so hard to overcome fears we have. I’m lucky to have my husband to support me and believe in me. He definitely helps me a lot with not giving up when I see something standing on my way. It is good to have someone like this.

    Have a great day,

  3. The colours are lovely and you know I’m not normally a blue girl. Your post resonates with me today as it’s just dawned on me that I kill the dream by not starting for fear of failure. Why is that such a deterrent when it could be such a lesson? And who knows, I may just be a resounding success!
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  4. Would the post be this one by Chris Guillebeau?×5/establish-new-income/

    (In case the link doesn’t work, it’s the art of nonconformity, then archieves – June – Establish New Income)

    I feel that unfortunately, almost everyone kills their dreams, because we’re taught that dreams aren’t really what the world is based on – which is total crap. If you’re good at doing stuff you don’t like, just imagine how good you could be at the things you love.