Color Palette #112 :: Flowering Trees

According to my local weather man, by this time last year, North Texas had seven or eight days of 100+ degree weather. This year, we’ve enjoyed none, none! And I am loving it.

If you don’t have the pleasure of 100+ degree weather during your hot months, then I don’t know if you can really appreciate what I’m saying right now. Day after day of 100+ degree weather is just oppressive. It’s still warm here right now, don’t get me wrong, and even worse further south, I’m sure, but triple digit weather is its own kind of blech.

So, being able to walk outside the last few days and enjoy 90 degree weather (with a breeze, too!) instead of 104 degree weather (with no breeze) feels like a gift from heaven. The temperamental North Texas weather is taking it easy on us right now, which I think is an awesome way to celebrate the first day of official summer, don’t you?

What are your summer plans? Are you celebrating or doing anything special now that summer is officially here?


P.S. This is one of several flowering trees (crepe myrtle, maybe? I don’t know) I enjoy in my backyard. It’s the same tree that this palette was based on, and I love when these bloom because the flowers sprinkle across the grass like confetti. I edited the photo with another new action I’m working on; what do you think?



8 Responses to Color Palette #112 :: Flowering Trees

  1. Love the photo and color palette – beautiful! Gorgeous tree!!!

    Well, living in the AZ desert and seeing 100+ consecutive days of 100+ weather is kinda the norm for me,…but we don’t have the humidity so it’s not as horrible, but it’s still HOT! Up in the mountains is where we like to spend most of our summers because in June it’s only in the high 80’s/low 90’s and then July/August brings lots of rain and cooler temps. But in exchange for the great weather, the internet isn’t as wonderful, so reading blogs, keeping up and commenting becomes a problem – as does downloading pics to FB and actually working – so it’s a trade off!! LOL!! Enjoy your summer Brandi!
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    • See, living in AZ, YOU get it! It’s so gross sometimes, and according to the latest weather report, next week we’ll be heading up into 100+ temps. Yay. I’m so looking forward to that.

      And I think I’d put up with spotty internet connection for cooler summers!

  2. oooooh LOVING this colour pallette, adorable.
    It seems we are never really happy with what we have — see my blog post from today Brandi. Reading yours made me laugh out loud just now as we are saying the same thing, just from opposite angles, LOL
    Wanna house swap for a week??? ;-D
    Jennie. x
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    • This seems to be a popular palette, which makes me happy! And I totally spoke too soon – it was 102 degrees today. Yuck.

  3. They are indeed crepe myrtle, and beauties at that. Your photo certainly does them justice. We have some white ones in our yard, and have been told by a professional gardener that they are rare.

    • See, I *thought* that’s what someone had told me last year. But I’ve slept since then and the memory’s foggy. 🙂 Thanks for the clarification!

  4. Oh thanks for the memories. Crepe Myrtles always remind me of my Grandmother – she had so many of them in front of her house. They are experiencing somewhat of a renaissance in Canberra so I may just have to plant one. The palette is really lovely – I could definitely make use of those colours.
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