Color Palette Blog Walk Round 4

I’m so ridiculously proud of this photo. Even though it doesn’t necessary look that impressive, I look at it and I smile. Why?

Because it’s the first time I mastered a low-light photo. It’s the first time I managed to stand perfectly still with a wide open aperture and a really slow shutter, and get my shot. It’s one of the first times where I had an idea and managed to execute it just the way I imagined it, versus being pleasantly surprised with happy accidents.

It feels pretty damn good, let me tell you.

And that got me thinking about recognizing other small achievements. Ladies and gents, I think we’ve got a theme for the next Color Palette Blog Walk!

cpbw4 banner

Remember those? It’s been a while, I know, so if you’re new here or have forgotten, a Color Palette Blog Walk is a blog hop where every participant takes a photo based around a theme, then creates a color palette (or several) from it. You in?


Here’s the details for Round 4:

      • The date: Wednesday, June 6th, 2012. Every participant will post together on the same day, and we’ll all hop around to see each other’s palettes!
      • The theme: Achievements. This can be anything that you’re super proud of – a new technique learned, a recent weight loss, an acceptance letter, a new recipe conquered – whatever achievement, big or small, that makes you smile.
      • The photo(s) you use should be taken by you.
      • You can have as many color palettes as you want, but please put them all in one post.
      • It’s up to you how your color palette looks as far as number of colors or swatch shapes – get creative and make it your own!
      • Need to learn how to make a palette? Click over to this Tip Share, or grab a freebie palette.
      • If you don’t have Photoshop/Photoshop Elements, but would like to participate, go ahead and sign up. I can help make your palette for you.
      • Buttons are at the bottom, so scroll past the sign up form to grab one.
      • To sign up, fill out the form below. This is only so I can keep track of all of the participants, and email everyone the full list for our reveal posts. Your info is safe with me – I really hate spam myself. And if you’re viewing this in a feed reader and can’t see the form, click on over to the post.
      • You’ve got until Monday, May 28th, to sign up.


Sign up right here:

Sign ups are closed!



Grab a button:

Right-click and Save As to download one.

200px x 100px

200px x 100px

Got a question? Let me know. If not, hope to see you sign up! Tell your color-loving friends, too!



15 Responses to Color Palette Blog Walk Round 4

  1. I am a pretty celebratory person so I am going to have a hard time picking one thing to celebrate! However I am hoping that something REALLY exciting will come up! I’m excited!

    • There’s no limit – celebrate everything you want to! Create as many color palettes as you like!

      And don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t already!

    • Thanks, Francesca! I switched it over to B&W because the colors were so weird and distracting – think super bright oranges and murky greens. I think it works better this way!