Color Palette #109 :: On the path

I don’t know how other people see color, but when something of a particular shade catches my eye, I have to stop and look. Like this photo – the warm, pinky reds totally caught my eye and I became obsessed with them. Obsessed enough to stop, crouch down, and pull out my camera.

And then click away for ten minutes.

It’s a testament to the respect people in general have when they see someone stop on a busy sidewalk and start talking photos. Many were more than happy to give me a wide berth as I practically lay down to get my shot. Maybe they thought I was nuts, but I prefer thinking that it’s about respect. That sounds better in my head, and doesn’t shake my confidence.

But back to seeing color. I can’t not see it; the world is full of splotches I see out of the corner of my eye, and sometimes it takes me an extra second to focus in on what that object is. What about you? How do you see or notice color?

For those in the US, have a great Memorial Day weekend!



12 Responses to Color Palette #109 :: On the path

  1. Oh this is hilarious! I was going out today for “photo friday” and I walked, rode my bike, and even took 2 car rides trying to find some inspiration! (I eventually found some in the backyard, go figure haha) Anyway, I was laying down on the side road next to the ditch taking pictures of the water and a car stopped to make sure I was okay! I laughed it off but I am sure she thought I was nuts. Sometimes risk is so necessary for keeping a token of inspiration!

    This is one of the best palettes I have ever seen from you by the way. Simple gorgeous.

    • Isn’t it funny how it takes a while to find inspiration when inspiration’s so close? Very Wizard of Oz.

      Thanks for the kind words – I’m loving this palette, too!

    • I can only imagine what the colors look like up in Alaska, especially during the winter. It must be so shocking to see anything not white, right?

  2. whether you looked foolish or not, i am so glad that you were able to get this shot. it’s such an inspiration. whoever the gardener is, they are truly an artist. i can totally see a colorful painting evolving from this picture.

  3. It such a beautiful photo and look at the color palette that came out of you laying on the pavement to take this picture !
    I am the same – I sorta walk around grinning away if I see something colorful. Im sure, people find it strange that I’d smile looking at trees & leaves..!
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  4. Oh I am absolutely the same. I drive my family crazy because I constantly have to stop to take something in or at least break out my phone. Fortunately my little one is the same so he doesn’t mind stopping and admiring with me and he always wants to see the photos. I love this palette – it’s so cheerful and quite a contrast to our grey winter trees at the moment.
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    • My family has left behind before because I was busy taking photos – can you imagine? So rude, lol. So, now I’m all paranoid of taking photos when I’m out with people!