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A sense of frustration has plagued me all week. The kind of frustration that comes from a lack of progress, things just not going right, too many late nights with very little to show for it, underestimating the amount of work something actually takes, or just plain ol’ impatience. Pick one, because they all apply.

I subscribe to the big-name-entrepreneur-motivator school of thought that says you should love your job and it should light you up (I’ve been reading Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions book, more on that next week). This school of thought says that it may not be fun every time, it may not always be a smooth path, but it’s worth it.

I forgot the “it may not always be a smooth path” part, and expected a new personal project I’m tackling to be easy.

As anyone who’s ever done something out of their comfort zone before, doing something that pushes their skills a little farther than before isn’t always easy. Work, not matter how fun it is, is still work. I still need to put in the time to make sure it’s right and good and valuable.

Luckily, I think the tide is turning a bit, thanks to an adjustment in attitude. I just needed to remind myself that it’s okay that progress may be slow. It’s okay to mess up, it’s okay that it takes me twenty tries to get it right. It’s new and different and it will take me a while.

And that’s okay.

Know what I mean?


P.S. The palette above doesn’t really have anything to do with frustration or a new project; I just thought it was pretty and wanted to share it.



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  1. I know exactly what you mean! But it’s when things don’t go as planned that we learn the most – honestly, I really try and tell myself in those moments to be grateful for the new information I’m gathering. And I’ve learned the hard way to just plan for setbacks when I’m tackling something new – that way, I don’t get so frustrated when (inevitably) something blows up. Learning and trying new things is one of life’s great pleasures – relax and enjoy!

    • I’m trying, I swear – but somewhere in the last few years I’ve lost my ability to relax! I don’t know how it happened or when it happened or where it went.

      But you’re right, there’s always something to learn. I’ll keep working on that patience thing!

  2. Hey Brandi,

    Francesca offers great insight. I’m going to put my two cents in… well maybe three cents now days! That’s all right you are worth very penny! (smile)

    Hate using an old cliché… “Everything for a reason.” At 46, I look at things around me differently than in my thirty’s. It took me a while to accept the fact that I cannot control every aspect of my life. As hard as I would try to control what ‘I’ wanted or needed, something or someone was trying to change my path. The more I resisted, the obstacles became harder to climb over.

    Acceptance is not an easy task. Going with the flow (sorry another cliché) sometimes may feel like your giving up. But your not… you are resting up for the next obstacle to climb.

    Brandi, you offer so much to so many different people. Accept those things in life you can’t control because you are here for a reason. You and Francesca are friends for a reason… and that goes for everyone in your life. We meet for a reason! Ah and that maybe because you are teaching me to use my Adobe… Yeah! LOL

    What in the world did I just say? LOL Thought provoking isn’t it?
    Cari recently posted Fun Friday Finds: Artisans from 05.18My Profile

    • What an awesome, and totally insightful comment, Cari – thank you! I definitely have some control issues, I’m the first to admit that. And you’re right, it’s about just trusting that things will work themselves out. I’m working on that, too!!

  3. Oh my, you have just described my day! I’m entrenched in a project that I thought would quite straightforward and I’ve just realised I know not a lot about it. What a shocking discovery to make. So now I’m retracing my steps (or thinking) how did I come to the conclusion that this would be easy? You know what though? Balancing on the edge of the lesser known is quite liberating.
    By the way – give me boats, water and a sunny shade of yellow and I’m a happy girl. Gorgeous photo.
    Libby recently posted Thinking about :: swimmingMy Profile

    • I totally feel you, Libby! Being out on the edge is both liberating and terrifying. And I’m not sure that I would have any other way.