Color Palette #107 :: Library of Congress

library of congress palette 1 copy

library of congress palette 2 copy

You know that niggling feeling that you forgot to do something, but can’t remember exactly what that something is? Yeah, that was me this morning when I forgot to publish this post.

In my head, since I had made the color palettes yesterday, I thought I was done. Because, usually, as soon as the palettes are made, they go into a post… to avoid forgetting that I had already done them. And yesterday, I was off my game. Distractions abounded and lack of focus kept snapping at my heels, and I got halfway through making these two palettes before I realized I had already done a palette that was saved and ready to go. I liked these better and so I scrapped the first one – problem solved!

But then I was trying to watch two baseball games, three basketball games, and plan a family vacation while shooting off emails and doing research for my next project, and the posting part slipped my mind. Oops! Multitasking is a total myth over here.

I can’t remember what I was going to say about these that I didn’t say yesterday, so I’ll simply wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! Have a great weekend!



12 Responses to Color Palette #107 :: Library of Congress

  1. Too cool, I love those rich colors! And I’m happy how it worked out, because your post yesterday was so much to look at (thank you!!) – it’s nice to have the palettes later. And isn’t it funny how things seem better the 2nd time around?

    Btw – Is it just me, or does the top picture make you think of QR codes too? 😉

    Lovely pix and palettes Brandi, thanks!
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  2. Brandi, I have been enjoying catching up with all of your DC photos – they are phenomenal. I always enjoy seeing what visitors to the area capture in their photos – and its always scenes and buildings that I haven’t thought of or been to. Yes, I have to confess, I have never been inside the Library of Congress! Your pictures are so breathtaking, from every angle. The colors are so beautiful, especially when given full attention in your color palettes.
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    • Thanks so much, Cindy!

      I’ve also got photos from the Folger Library – ever been there? We went because we’re big fans of Shakespeare, but we didn’t get to see inside the theater – there were dress rehearsals for a play going, so we only got to see the great hall.

    • The ceilings are incredible. I kept walking around, not paying attention because I was looking up. The great part was that everyone else was doing the same!