A Walk Through DC

a walk through DC

Confession: I spent an embarrassing amount of time editing these photos yesterday, mostly because I couldn’t decide what kind of look I wanted. Maybe a little faded, maybe a little pink, maybe a little bright, maybe a little blurry. Forty-seven rounds later, I called it ‘good enough,’ but had to throw in a mental ‘for now’ so that my perfectionist side would be appeased enough to let me continue on my day. So, if it looks as if it’s all a little bit of everything, you’re right.

Because I’m Indecision Girl!

But anyways.

I love walking around D.C. I love the architecture and the history most; we just don’t make buildings quite like this anymore. And we definitely don’t have much in the way of this style of architecture in North Texas, so it’s a novelty to me.

These photos show a walk that started at the National Archives, wound around and across the mall, then down to the Jefferson Memorial, and halfway back up. Insert groan here, and here’s why: the exact distance from the Archives to the Jefferson Memorial, in case you aren’t sure, is far, which, if you’re wildly out of shape like me, turns the distance from far to excruciating-and-ohmigod-I-can’t-really-breathe-let’s-stop-and-yeah-I-know-we-just-took-a-break-humor-me-here. It’s scientifically proven.

Clearly, I’m super fun to take a walking tour with. What makes it all hilarious was that I was the one who pretty much came up with said walking tour itinerary. So ridiculous, I know.

But one thing the taxi drivers in D.C. might keep in mind – some people who trek out to the Jefferson Memorial might be desperate enough to pay for a ride back to the nearest Metro station. I would have pretty much paid anything for a ride back, let me tell you. Food for thought, D.C. taxi drivers, think it over.



6 Responses to A Walk Through DC

  1. Wow Brandi – great photos!! I’ve taken the walk you’re talking about several years ago – pretty much of it anyway – and you’re right,….lots of resting needed and the taxi drivers would definitely benefit from those of us who become exhausted easier than others!! 😉
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    • I gotta tell you, I’m glad someone else who’s taken that walk feels the same way! Going to cities like NYC and DC is such a change from Dallas, because it’s just not possible to get around Dallas without a car. The downside is that long walks are unheard of for Dallas-ites! Which is, also, really embarrassing.

    • I’m with you about the traffic. We specifically picked an off time of year to avoid traffic and as many tourists as possible. Other than a handful of school groups, it felt like we had the Mall to ourselves. It was incredible!

  2. The photos are gorgeous. What did you do to the top one, it felt like the clouds were moving. Good on you for going the distance. When I get a second I’ll tell you about the 7km walk we did in Sweden that was actually about 14km.
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