Shop Spotlight :: Vigilism

I’m on a textured-look, subdued color kick right now, and the Vigilism print shop of Lekan Jeyifous is hitting all the high notes for me.

Lekan’s background in architecture is absolutely clear with just one look at his work. Landscapes, city-scapes, and diagrams are his main focus, and I love the meticulous detail of each composition. Self-described as “eerily serene”, his work reminds me more of the view out of an airplane window on a landing approach, a vintage map, and the exacting order of an ancient Roman city all rolled into one.

My favorites have to be the Urban Growth Strategy and the Settlement pieces, but I would happily hang any on my wall. What about you – got a favorite? What’s a shop you wish more people knew about?

To connect with Lekan, you can visit his Etsy shop, his website, or follow him on Twitter.


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7 Responses to Shop Spotlight :: Vigilism

  1. I just featured Lekan Jeyifo on my blog today too! I’ve had the post scheduled for weeks and when I was scrolling through my reader today and found this post on your blog it was weird haha!

    Fantastic artist 🙂
    Kendra recently posted Inspired by Lekan JeyifoMy Profile

  2. I really like these “spotlights” you have been posting. This is a nice one. I draw “rock cities” and deserted lands all the time and this definitely feels like home to me. Good find. I hope you will continue to love it and it’s not a phase! lol

  3. Oh! one more thing. I was introduced to this artist via Have you ever heard of it? You should check it out if you haven’t. It’s a neat place to find very unique artists and art.