Shop Spotlight :: Matthew Kavan Brooks

I’m really into surrounding myself with positive messages, for the simple reason that sometimes, I find it hard to be positive myself.

Especially when I’ve destroyed yet another hard drive; when I realized that I only got 14 days out of a 30 day free trial for an expensive program I’m not sure I can afford right now; when I’ve lost a fair amount of work that I’ll have to spend time redoing; when the week of fun activities I planned to do with my niece and nephew blew up in my face; and when the backup computer I’m using is so achingly slow it takes 20 minutes to load my email.

Those are the moments when I need a dose of good and positive, and that’s why I love me some word art. Not just here on the blog, but on Pinterest and any other place I can find it, too… like the shop of Matthew Kavan Brooks.

Matthew is a graphic designer who has a big body of work – I’m crazy for all of it, but I respond to the quotes and word art he does best. The colors, the designs, the words, and the flawless execution gets to me in the best possible way, and on several levels.

And I like being able to look up on my wall and see that positive message whenever I need a reminder. How about you?

To see more of Matthew’s work, stop by his website, his Society 6 shop, or his Twitter page.



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