Color Palette #105 :: Just Begin

This palette was possible thanks to the lovely Wendy – that’s one of her journal pages (did you know she’s doing an art journal challenge? You can see more on her blog). When I saw it, I knew it’d be an awesome palette, but it was really the words on the page that spoke to me.

Just. Begin.

I’m at that place of tired satisfaction, the good tired, not the bad tired. The Editing With Elements eclass is done, people are signing up, and I love the feeling of sharing something useful. I can’t explain it exactly, but I like being of use, I like creating things that make a difference in some way. I’m glad I pushed through, I’m glad I kept going. I’m glad I began.

And I’m already planning the next eclass, the next project. My brain suffers from a lack of an off switch, which can be mentally taxing. But right now, it feels good to just hold the idea inside and let it unfold on its own time. To feel creative. To have an idea in the first place. Know what I mean?

And also to rest. My eyes are feeling the strain.

What have you begun lately?



12 Responses to Color Palette #105 :: Just Begin

  1. That’s wonderful, Brandi! Congratulations, Friend. You’ve been BUSY!

    I’m good at starting things… I’m just not good at finishing them! If I finish anything, I’ll be posting about it! LOL

    Take care of yourself, your eyes, your brain, your soul.

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    • Oh, I know how that feels. Or how about being good at having an idea and then just letting that sit for a while? I would totally win gold at the Olympics if procrastination was a sport.

      Hoping you’ve been doing okay, friend!

  2. Love, love, love both the journal page and the palette. I did just begin! I’m learning new skills (made four soldered bezels today) and am going to be published (jewelry designs–June, July, August, and September in Bead Trends)! Wonderful words.

    And congratulations to you on the new class. That’s a great accomplishment. And I’ve been the recipient of your sharing something useful!
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    • Whoa, soldered bezels – that’s awesome! I took a metalsmithing class in college and while I managed to get the work done (though I had to take an incomplete and work into the next semester), I also managed to break almost every blade, stab my hands with said broken blades over and over, use up all of the band-aids in the first aid kit, and set my shoe on fire (don’t ask). So, I’m always really impressed to hear friends doing metalsmithing work, cuz clearly, that’s not my forte! LOL!

      And congrats on the publications!!! That is HUGE – go you!

  3. I love that – “just begin.” That’s how I’m feeling these days – if I think too much about all the effort or time or resources it’s going to take to do x or y, it’s very easy for me to start feeling overwhelmed, which makes it easy for me to procrastinate. “Just begin” is the best way to approach every day, it seems to me – take everything in small bites, even the largest of projects, and that’s how progress gets made. Who knows what sort of inspiration or motivation will strike along the way??!



    • I hear ya, Francesca – it’s totally easy to get sucked in by the details and never get started at all. But small bites works for me, too!

  4. Congrats on all of your recent accomplishments! I’m definitely there with just needing to “just begin.” But for me (at least right now), that “just begin” comes with a sort of scary “just end,” too. Scary, but exhilarating all at the same time.

    Also, love this color palette. So vibrant!

    • Endings are sometimes scary! But kind of necessary, too, yes?

      And thanks for the kind words! The palette’s only as good as the awesome photo from Wendy!

  5. Wendy’s journal page is really beautiful – I just love the colors! “Just Begin”…words we can all live by! 🙂 Reminds me, coming home from the beach over the weekend, I could hear Lion King playing on the kid’s DVD player and heard the quote, “the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step!”…that’s how I’ve been feeling lately….trying to keep taking steps (even if it’s only baby steps!).
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