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Last week, I wrote up 5 blogging tips I learned so far, but I’m not the only one who’s been blogging for a while. Lots of you have a tons to share about blogging, too, and the comments left on that post were so awesome that I had to share. So, here are your blogging tips pulled from (and paraphrased from) last week’s post:


Stay true to yourself as a blogger. I only blog about topics that truly interest me rather than what would generate buzz.

Rowena, from Rolala Loves


Wrestling my posts into other people’s ideas of formatting stresses me out. And from what I can see about my reading habits, it boils down to this: if I like the topics, I’ll follow the blog.

Hazel, from All Those Things and Others Too


I tried to post once a day and it just created unnecessary pressure on me, so ‘the posting schedule but not really’ rang true for me. And the most common comment I get about my blog is how it looks. It really should make you want to stay a while.

Libby, from Current Observations


Everyone’s different, bloggers and readers alike. Everyone just has to do what works and feels right for them with schedules.

Kellie, from 74 Lime Lane


Light colored fonts on light backgrounds do not work. Yellow is always a difficult color to read unless it is on a dark back ground. Also, I would add: do not select the option to have one post per page; I find it really frustrating reading blogs that have one post per page or blogs that have snippits that require that I click again to read the post in full.

KJ, from KJ’s Beadacious Beads


You raised the issue a while back about watermarking and I absolutely agree! I’ll admit I’m getting a bit frustrated with seeing bloggers use images from Pinterest to make their posts interesting or pretty, but simply stating “Pinterest” as the source – especially if clicking on that image doesn’t bring you to the original source. Someone out there took a lot of time and care to make that art of photo and I doubt intended for it to be used on another blog without proper credit.

Cindy, from Sweet Bead Studios


Your current subscribers, or people who have known you before, might not care about the design and fonts, because they already like the content of your blog. However, for those who are visiting for the first time, I believe it’s important to differentiate yourself from the thousands of blogs out there.

Sweaty, from Do Sweat The Small Stuff


I think I would also add one thing to my list last week, and that would be to not have a ton of posts per page. The reason for that is if you have tons of posts, it will take a while for each one to load, especially if you’ve got a lot of photos in each one or if you have a lot of things on your sidebar. As a reader, it’s a little frustrating waiting minutes for a blog to fully load (but I’m also not the most patient person on the planet and my attention span is excruciatingly small – sad, but true).

What about you – what else would you add? What would be on your blogging tip list?



11 Responses to Your blogging tips

  1. Well this was a fun post, an unexpected compilation! 🙂 Blogging tips? Gosh for as long as I’ve been blogging, I’m no expert. I find that I just keep on blogging about what drives ME…..and hopefully others find it interesting along the way too!
    Cindy recently posted Come with me…My Profile

  2. Hi Brandi,
    I’ve been following you for a while, and I really love your blog. You share some great ideas and tips!
    I started my blog recently, and you, and your other followers, give here some great tips. Thank you 🙂
    Raquel recently posted PolyvoreMy Profile

  3. I think the issue about Pinterest has just come up recently — some of us didn’t even know about it until I was tersely taken to task for it by someone.

    I have been slammed for being “inappropriate” in what I blog about but you know what? If I don’t write from the heart, there’s no point to my blogging. If a person is so irritated that they have to constantly tell me how much they hate my blog — why are they reading it?

    I prefer to stay true to myself. I’m not writing for the masses, but for me. I don’t do fake.
    Lori Anderson recently posted Zack in Washington, DCMy Profile

    • Yikes, Lori! I’m sorry about that – there are better ways to handle image sourcing than to chide a blogger. I know you well enough to know you never would intend to hurt someone and you mean no harm.

      And frankly, I’ve done it before myself, so that’s why I included it – to maybe save someone else from a chiding session.

      As far as inappropriate, I don’t think there’s such a thing, really. It’s up to you what you choose to blog about, and if people don’t get it, that’s fine. I think staying true to yourself as a blogger is exactly the right mind frame to have!

  4. These are great tips. Great idea asking your readers for their advice. There is so much to blogging and we can all always earn from each other. I’ve been blogging for three years and have finally started to reach my goal of replacing my job with my blogging income. I figured out how to do that by following advice from other bloggers. We’re so lucky the blogging community is so friendly and willing to help each other!
    Tracy Gibb recently posted New Read: Mommy EditionMy Profile