Valentine Freebie Action

As soon as I figured out what Photoshop actions could do, I wanted to learn how to make them (maybe you remember?). I didn’t have time for it last fall, so after the holidays were over, I treated myself to an actions eclass. It was fun, but short; still, I got the basics down enough to make a few actions of my very own. And I’m sharing one with you today!

My inspiration came from this photo. I knew I wanted the final version to look dreamy (told you I was into the hazy look), like a soft memory. The original edit didn’t quite capture the feeling I wanted; it was close, but not exactly there. So, I kept playing and tweaking till I came on a nice pink overtone, and I’m really happy with the results.

The best part is that all of the action layers are customizable, so you can turn them off, bump up the opacity, or change the blending modes till you get the exact look you want. After a couple tries, I found that it works best on a clean edit where the photo has already been lightened and brightened a bit.


To use my Valentine action, you’ll need:

Photoshop or Photoshop Elements – I made it so it would work in both
The action itself (31 kb) – Right click and Save As to download

This is my first time sharing an action, so forgive me if it doesn’t work in your version of Photoshop or Elements. I tested it in the newest versions of both, but would love to know if it worked or not in your version (if you wouldn’t mind coming back and leaving a comment).


Happy Valentine’s Day!



UPDATE: If you’ve never tried an action before, they do need to be installed into Photoshop/Elements. Installation instructions are included with the download!

To use in Elements, open your photo, expand your Effects Panel, and make sure you’re under Photo Effects (third icon from the left) or All (icon to the far right). Scroll down the list till you find the Valentine thumbnail and double click it to run the action (select Show All from the dropdown menu if you can’t see the thumbnail).

To use in Photoshop, load it into your Actions Palette and click play. 


6 Responses to Valentine Freebie Action

  1. Hi Brandi… Can I ask HOW I would use this action… I open it as normal in PSE AND a photo that I want editing — then what? Do I just drag one on the other? Never used an ‘action’ before but I am ok with adding textures etc.
    The overall editing look is gorgeous btw… so soft and gentle.
    Jennie. x
    JENNIE recently posted Wow…. What A Week !My Profile

    • Hey Jennie! Actions need to be loaded into PSE while the program is closed. There are installation instructions in the download that walks you through it – give those a try first, then let me know if you’ve got problems.

      Then, once it’s installed, it will be located in the Effects Panel under the Photo Effects icon (third from the left). Choose Select All from the drop down menu, then scroll down till you see it. With a photo open, all you have to do is double click on the icon and it will work it’s magic on the photo!

  2. This is one part of Photoshop that you have got me addicted to! Up until very recently I never really used actions and now I can’t get enough of them. Oh, between my font obsession and my quest for new actions I’m going to be very poor. Thanks for sharing this one, it’s so lovely and subtle and this is very generous of you. I’m off to test it out!
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    • I know I should be sorry, but I’m not. *insert evil cackle here* If you need action purchase suggestions, let me know – I’ve got a few installed! 🙂