Color Palette #97 :: On the fence

I’m having a moment of total self-doubt. Well, several moments over the last couple days.

Remember when I said that the next eclass I wanted to do was a Photoshop Elements class? I don’t blame you if you don’t remember because it was a while ago. I ran into some snags over the summer when my laptop caught fire, sending me into a waiting-for-it-to-get-fixed-getting-it-back-it-breaking-again loop that seemed destined to play out forever. Basically, all of the videos I had done were lost (teaching me, yet again, the power of backing up important stuff). When I got my supposedly fixed laptop back, I gritted my teeth, dug in, and started redoing the videos… and then the supposedly fixed laptop died again.

And that’s when I lost my mojo.

But it’s been in the back of my mind since then. I can’t let it go, but after a few attempts to get the videos re-remade this week, I can’t seem to get started, either.

So, I ask you, is an editing class for Photoshop Elements something you’re still interested in? I know a couple of you expressed interest way back when, and a few more wanted one on regular Photoshop (also in the back of my mind). So before I push through on this, I thought I’d make sure people still wanted it.

Help a girl out by leaving a comment or shooting me an email saying yes or no? (I totally feel like I’m back in grade school writing notes.)



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      • Well, since I already have it on my computer, I would say yes. But my niece tells me Elements is nice and lots of people love it so I’m not sure what the pro/cons and differences between the two really are. But, from what I hear, I should just bit the bullet and purchase elements – any thoughts on that?
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        • I could easily turn this into a post (and probably might!), so let me just hit the high points.

          The differences between the two has to do with audiences – Photoshop is geared towards graphic designers and pro photographers, so there are more tools and menus in it than with Elements. Elements is geared towards the average consumer, so a lot of the menus from PS have either been eliminated or simplified. That’s why Elements is so much cheaper than PS.

          That doesn’t mean Elements isn’t powerful, because it totally is. I’ve used both, and have both on my computer, but I tend to use Elements more – it’s easier and faster for me to do what I want to do in Elements than PS, I like the way Elements works better than PS, and some things are just simpler in Elements than PS (like removing a color cast – amazing how difficult that one thing is in PS).

          That said, if you’ve got PS already installed, and you’re familiar with it, then use that! I was just doing some market research on who had which program. 🙂

  1. YES YES Brandi… I’m in! I just started the trial version Adobe Photoshop Elements 10… 21 more days and I’m buyin! Yeah!

    I know very little but I am opening it and messing around a bit everyday.

    Count me in!
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  2. Hi Brandi.

    I think it’s a good time for you to do this so many Picnik users being left out in the dark! I have had Elements for a year or so and have used it a little – but really want to learn how to make the most of it. Create collages and edit photos to the highest degree – white out backgrounds ,etc. If you can create a class soon – I would be interested. I have not purchased the other online classes I was going to take yet.


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