12 Days of Digital Freebies :: Ribbon Brush Set

I love the look of ribbons with the little V cutout at the end. I’ve been using a digital version of that myself for a while; in my old banner for Catie’s Blue, and here on the blog.

I love them so much that I turned the exact graphics I use myself into digital Photoshop brushes so that you can use them, too.

There are 4 brushes with two styles (a shallow V and a deeper V) and in two widths (a thick and a thin for both styles). They are amazingly versatile! I like putting them on their own layer in Photoshop so that I can position it anywhere I want to; they’re also great as a clipping mask shape, too.

The brushes are also extra-large, almost as big as a Photoshop brush can be, so that they’ll work with bigger projects. You can easily resize them on the options bar, or by hitting the bracket keys on your keyboard (hit [ to decrease, ] to increase the size).



To use them, you’ll need:

The brush download (188 KB)
Any version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements
Know how to load them into Photoshop/Elements (to load them in Photoshop, check out this tutorial. For Photoshop Elements, try this tutorial)


Terms of Use:

You can use this freebie for any project you like, personal or commercial in nature, provided that you don’t resell the template, distribute it (send interested people here, please), or use it as the basis of your digital download.


Have fun!



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