52 Colors :: Week 46

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Slowly but surely, the colors are starting to change in my neighborhood. Autumn always seems to take forever to get here, and never seems to last that long in Texas. It seems like as soon as the leaves turn, they fall off, like these above. In the day or two since I took this photo, they’re gone. On the flip side, I know lots of friends who are already getting the icy stuff, so I’m enjoying the non-snow weather while it lasts. There is absolutely no reason to rush winter in, as far as I’m concerned.

In addition to The Altered Life class I’m taking, I’m also in the middle of Photo Meditations with Susannah Conway. We’re learning how to capture what we see and infuse it with a bit of soul. This is a little tricky for me, since I’m not particularly inspired by what I see around me – the landscape is incredibly flat (I miss mountain views!), and the architecture is all fairly new. But I look at that as not a bad thing – more of a challenge to find things that do inspire me, to search them out, and to play with the photos I do take (though post-processing is more my thing than a class assignment).

I’m wondering if I can squeeze in a road trip to the central part of the state sometime soon; I’d love to do my own little photo trip. That’s where the big fields, the eastern part of Hill Country, and older farms are. At least I think there are farms and fields down there; I’m not really sure. I’ve never taken a road trip with no destination in mind (I’m not really that good in a car for long periods of time, and Texas is huuuuuge), and only two within Texas in my lifetime. It’s sort of embarrassing to admit that I’ve never really explored my state, despite having lived here for oh, twenty years.

Clearly, I’m a bad Texan. Or lazy, whichever.

But the idea of a photo road trip is kind of fascinating me right now. Is winter a bad time for that? Maybe, but I bought new boots, and I’m scouting for the perfect pea coat, so a winter photo road trip sounds like a good excuse. Right? Right.

What about you? Have you explored parts of your state? Ever gone on a photo road trip?


P.S. Photo cards will be coming this week! And don’t forget – this Wednesday is the last day to shop at Catie’s Blue before it closes!


One Response to 52 Colors :: Week 46

  1. Hi Brandi — I know exactly what you mean about not being inspired by the Dallas area to take photos. The only thing that ever inspired me when we lived there were the many buildings w/ mirror-like finishes that would reflect some pretty cool abstract designs. There were a lot along Central and downtown Dallas. I never could figure out how to actually photograph them though!

    Your classes sound awesome. I hope you’re having a good time with them.